These 10 Common Household Items Are Draining Your Energy! Get Rid Of Them Immediately

We often believe that only people are able to give or receive energy and therefore affect or interfere with our own energy. However, those of you familiar with Feng shui have a different perspective on these things.

In other words, people, believers and supporters of the Feng shui theory, know that even objects, decorations and items in their home can create positive energy or drain your energy.

The most important thing is to feel good in your own home as well as your friends to feel warm and welcomed. Probably all of us have felt negative vibes from a person as well as from a room we’ve entered and this is completely normal, because some people, habits in our life and even objects that we own, drain our energy and we need to immediately get rid of them.

So, prepare yourself by writing down all the household objects that are sucking your energy and you need to get rid of them as soon as you read this article:

  1. Messy entrance

The entrance is the first thing you notice in one’s home and depending on the energy in this room, you will feel the vibes throughout the home. So, if you have a messy, cluttered and disorganized entrance, you are off to a bad start.

Instead of throwing your shoes and jackets around your entrance, put them in a closet or a special shoe case, welcome your guest with a clean and organized start. The entrance is a great set up for the energy flow which will follow your entire home.

  1. Say a big NO to electrical devices in your bedroom

Your bedroom should be peaceful, clean, purified and relaxing place. Your own personal sanctuary where you’ll recharge your batteries and prepare yourself for the upcoming stressful day.

Any electrical devices, including the TV, cell phone or laptop can interfere the good balance in your room and create another room where your energy is being drained. Nowadays, we are all some kind of a technology addicts and we find it difficult to give up on our phones or internet connection.

However, if we succeed to get rid of all the electrical devices in our bedroom, the flow of positive energy will be felt since day one. If you have a small apartment or house, it’s difficult to find space according to your needs, but out of all changes you’ll make, try to have your bedroom especially for sleeping, resting and finding your peace.

  1. Mirrors everywhere!

It’s true that mirrors can be a great decoration in the home or they visually make your apartment look bigger, however, cluttering your apartment with mirrors all over the space, is just unnecessary, especially not convenient in your bedroom.


Mirrors should be placed in rooms where they reflect positive things, on the other hand, if you place the mirror in the bedroom, according to Feng shut it means that someone else is interfering in your love life. So, place a mirror in places where it’s truly needed, such as in the bathroom or in the wardrobe.

  1. Everything should be in place

This means that every object that doesn’t have a place in your home, actually doesn’t belong there. Try to organize the mess and throw all the things which are redundant or you’ve never used them in your life. Old shoes, old decorations, old clothes or any kind of old furniture that only clutters your space, should be placed in the garbage.

  1. Wilt or dead houseplants

Houseplants are a good source of positive energy and having a few houseplants around the house is always a good idea. However, if you’re not prepared or don’t have the time to take care of your plants, then you should forget about owning one. According to Feng shui, dead plants will only drain the energy and they should definitely get them removed from your home.

  1. Keep your bedroom ceiling clean


If you have big chandeliers, fans or other ceiling decorations, according to Feng shui, this is a big NO. They will drain the energy out of the bedroom and create a cluttered and disorganized atmosphere. Light fixtures, fans and decorative chandeliers are a great idea for the patio, living room or guest area, however keep your bedroom as clean as you possibly can.

  1. Fix or get rid of the broken items

We usually keep broken items, just because they mean something to us or reminds us of something that we love or bears great memories. However, we should always find some time to fix all the broken items around our home, because they drain the energy from our living space. Do your best to fix it, if it doesn’t work, this may be an indication that it’s time to throw it in the garbage.

  1. If you don’t use it, throw it!

The only reason why our home gets cluttered and disorganized with time, is because we keep things which we no longer use, but we haven’t thought of throwing them in the garbage. The truth is that if you haven’t used a device, decoration, shoes or something similar for a longer period, the odds of using them in the future are most likely zero!

So, why not replacing your useless and old house objects, with new and useful ones. In this way you’ll create a better energy flow and therefore a better living space.

  1. The bedroom shouldn’t be your storage room

As you can notice, the bedroom is a sacred place according to Feng shui. This is because of the fact that bedrooms are meant to supply us with positive energy, bring us peace and rest to our bodies and mind.

However, if you clutter your bedroom with things under your bed, you will block the energy flow and drain the energy out of your resting place. Try to find storage or create some space, specially meant for storage and forget about putting things under your bed.

  1. More on the bedroom

If you have a tiny bedroom, you need to be careful with the positioning of the bed and the wall color. Meaning that your bed shouldn’t be placed in a corner, in order to provide a good energy flow. Also, the walls should be clean and bright, dark colors will only minimize your space and make you nervous and anxious.

So, when choosing a new apartment or making changes in your old one, make sure to pay a lot of attention and invest most of your time and money on your bedroom, because your energy levels depend on your bedroom.

All of these changes that you can make in your home are nothing compared to the positive results you’ll get. You can easily apply everything from this list and you’ll feel the positive outcome since day one. Don’t forget to start with your sanctuary, the bedroom!


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