10 HOUSEPLANTS Which Will CLEAN Indoor Toxins-Organically!

Once we settle in a place, the only thing it matters is to keep that place clean and peaceful. According to Feng Sui, some things do matter and organizing our living place will make our lives easier and healthier. However, sometimes even though our home seems clean and organized, there are some toxins and bacteria which we cannot see or smell.

Those toxins are the worst for our well-being and the greatest enemies of our home. Luckily for us, there are so many unexplored and unknown natural remedies for every need and problem that we may have.

The three main toxic materials which offend our homes are:

Benzene– in pesticides, plastics, lubricants, rubber, synthetic fibers

Formaldehyde– in glues, paint, upholstery, carpets

Trichloroethylene– in adhesives, paint removers, rug cleaning solution

In order to prevent these offenders from attacking your home, you need to plan which plants will help you clean your home.

Every home should purchase the following houseplants, in order to get rid of toxins, odors and bacteria. They act like organic home-cleaners and therefore provide a clean atmosphere in your home, in the real sense of the world.

For instance, plan and organize the houseplants you want to bring into your house with the space you have in your home. 2,000 square foot house requires 15 to 20 plants, organized according to taste and need.

It’s best if you have several plants, instead of choosing just one group. As the square feet diminish, so as the number of plants which you will need. Smaller apartments will need less houseplants.

Here are the 10 houseplants which will keep your home clean and pollutants-free:

  1. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

This soothing plant is known for its healing properties and enormous benefits which it has on the human body. From skin care- acne, wrinkles and sunburns to a full detox of the body. Aloe Vera is a must-have in every home, it’s no wonder it’s put at the top of the list. Aloe Vera not only creates a positive atmosphere in your home, but it also cleans it from indoor toxins.

When the toxins start attacking your home, aloe vera plant will create brown spots, which also means that the chemicals in the air are on a very high level. Aloe Vera will provide a better oxygen flow in your home and will be a great decoration as well. This plant requires low maintenance, but a lot of sun in order to succeed.

2. Peace Lily 

Peace Lily

This plant with magical appearance will be a great refreshment for your home. Unlike aloe vera, this plant requires shades and cooler temperatures in order to clean the air and absorb the toxins.

Sometimes, your plant may not produce as many flowers as you would expect, that’s why you need to follow its requirements-which are far less than any other houseplant and keep it far from the windows.

3. Philodendron


When you first spot this plant, you cannot help falling in love with it. It has a unique heart-shaped leaves and creates decorative vines as it grows, which is perfect for your home decoration.

The best part is that Philodendron is ideal for absorbing formaldehyde, toxins created from carpets, glue, and paint. It requires low maintenance, medium sunlight and some water and your plant will live for many, many years.

4. English Ivy 


The plant which is notoriously famous as the best plant for absorbing formaldehyde. English Ivy will decorate your home with its unique looks and it will also filter and clean your air and create a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Its maintenance is similar to the one of the Philodendron, extremely easy to grow and you can also hang it as to save space.

5. Red- Edged Dracaena

Red Edged-Dracaena

If you have a spacious, open-concept living room, then the Red-Edged Dracaena is the perfect candidate for you. It grows really high and it’s a beautiful plant and space-decorator.

However, the most important function of this plant is removing formaldehyde, xylene and trichloroethylene from the air- it filters the air and cleans your home from toxins. It requires a lot of space, larger pots and a great amount of sunlight.

6. Rubber Tree


This plant is probably the most eligible houseplant due to the fact it requires the least attention compared to the other plants. It can be put in a corner far from the window or in the basement, Rubber tree will grow with ease and success.

Aside from its low growing requirements, the Rubber tree is a powerful plant which will eliminate the toxic components in the air and will clean your breathing air.

7. Golden Pothos


Golden Pothos is a beautiful plant which will decorate your ceiling perfectly. You can hang it in your living room or kitchen and its leaves will create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere.

This plant goes in the group of plants which purify the air from formaldehyde. You don’t need to think of a place for it, because it doesn’t require a lot of sun nor it needs hot temperatures.

8. Spider Plants

Spider Plants

Probably the most frequent and common houseplant, because of its low maintenance. It’s also eliminates toxins and pollutants such as carbon monoxide, benzene, xylene and formaldehyde.

It’s considered to be one of the most effective air-cleaners, but it also decorates the space with its unique appearance.

9. Snake Plants

Snake Plants

This unique plant has the ability to purify the air during night, so the air stays fresh throughout the day. Unlike most of the plants which clear the air during the day, snake plant absorbs the carbon dioxide and during the night, it releases clean, purified oxygen.

For rested, calm nights, it’s best if you put it in the bedroom or kid’s room- it will provide your family clean and purified air. Snake plants don’t need much water or light in order to survive.

10. Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palm

One of the most effective trichloroethylene and benzene cleaner is the bamboo palm. It has an appealing look and you needn’t to put it in a direct sunlight. Bear in mind that it needs to be watered regularly and it will decorate and purify the air perfectly.

Houseplants are a great way to decorate your home and at the same time to save your home from toxins and pollutants. They are all easy to purchase and find, you only need to follow their maintenance requirements, which aren’t so complicated. Use what nature has given us and get rid of toxins.

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4 years ago

I’ve started collecting some of them and already have a few. All of them are fantastic ,loving plants and a great decoration in a home 🙂