10 Life Hacks Everyone Must Know!

Sometimes small tasks can be so frustrating that they make you want to stay away from your kitchen or storage. But this guy will show you some life hacks that will “blow you”, as he says.

  1. The easiest way to open a cranberry sauce can

You know that it’s hard to take your jellied sauce out from the can in one go. You can get really fed up with it because the whole thing just doesn’t want to come out.  You keep hitting and shaking the can, but the jelly is stuck in there, and as you forcefully hit it your plate gets real messy.
Now, all you have to do is just make a small hole on the top of the can, just as he shows you. Maybe you can make a cross-like opening on top of the can. After you have done this, it takes only one movement to get the whole stuff out of the can!

It comes out in one neat piece because the small opening on top of the can lets the air out first. You can see that the jelly pops out smoothly, giving you no trouble at all! It is what we call simple science!

  1. How to toast a pair of bread slices

You need to toast just the outer sides of your bread slices because in between you put your peanut butter and jelly, right?

Well, all you have to do is bring your bread slices together as if they were “glued”, stick them in the toaster, and turn it on!  When they pop up, you will see that they are nicely toasted on the outside whereas their inside stays untoasted. Perfect! Next time you want your toast with peanut butter and jelly, just go ahead and try this out!

  1. A useful hack when you “hit the road” with your suitcases

Next time you go travelling just put a couple of perfumed sheets on the bottom of your suitcase or bag. On top you can stack all your clothes. This way, your clothes will stay fresh and scented as if they were new. Do this little trick especially if you go on a long trip!

  1. A house-moving hack

Whenever you move house, you need cardboard boxes, right? Since they don’t have handles to pick them up without any difficulty, you can do a little trick to ease yourself. Here’s what you do:
You make a hole with a knife or scissors right in the middle of one side wall of the box. You repeat the popping in on the opposite side of the box, and at the same level of course. It will be so much easier to grab and move your box around, without having your body throbbed with pain all the while!

A piece of advice: It’s better to make the handy holes before you stuff your box with materials in order not to accidently damage them.

  1. Small kitchens are “crying” for this hack

Just pull one top drawer of your kitchen cabinet and fit in snugly your cutting board in there. Now you can use this board as an extra kitchen table or an extra working top! It comes in handy, right?

Watch the video and learn some more life hacks from this fabulous chap: