10 Planters That Will Spill Out Fragrant Flowers Into Your Garden


Watery garden settings are soothing, but they can be rather expensive to purchase or to make as DIY project. So how do you get the look of constantly-flowing water without the messy moisture, or high water supply bill?

The answer is very simple: Create a spilling planter of your own!

By definition, spilling planters are decorative garden displays that use flowing patterns or vines to simulate water flowing out of an overturned planter, urn, or other decorative pot. However, some smaller, tabletop displays can feature flowing vines to simulate water spilling over the top or out of the spout.

Other larger urns, barrels, or planters can be turned on their side, and partially buried in the garden or filled with soil, to allow for small flowering plants to ‘dance around’ them free-and-unrestrained. The flowering plants are then planted in an arrangement to simulate a spreading ‘puddle’ of spilled water or another liquid.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your own spilled flower garden planters, since you can choose to emulate an existing natural structure, or simply create one right from your fancy.

In order to help you, and make this project a most pleasant garden journey, we have found some of the most attractive and creative versions of this decorative trick, and we sincerely hope you will be inspired to get around a customized project on your own!

Creative planter flower spill ideas…

#1. Terra cotta spilling petunias


It is definitely one of the simplest ways to create a spilling flower pot array, by partially burying a terra cotta planter in a planting bed, and then planting small flowers spreading outwards and getting narrower as the display lengthens. Petunias are a great choice for an inexpensive, yet an eye-catching and fragrant display.

#2. Spilled milk can


This is a more unique display featuring a vintage milk can with an affluence of cute small white flowers flowing out of the ‘can’s mouth’ and out into the yard in a serpentine, widening and narrowing pattern. Here, you cannot find a reason to cry over this “spilled milk”!

#3. Upended barrel


This is a ‘country style’ spilled flower display inside of a well-landscaped flower bed. Take notice that this display uses edging to keep the display of violets orderly in shape. The use of an old barrel brings plenty of style and atmosphere to this simple, and, very pretty indeed, spectacle.

#4. Flowing urn

You can always use up leftover plants
You can always use up leftover plants

This is a multifaceted version, featuring a large overturned clay urn secured to the yard with cobblestone. White, lavender, and violet flowers ‘spray out’ of the mouth of the urn across the area of the yard. The flowers are arranged in bands that are reminiscent of ripples.

#5. “Floating” barrels

The trick of creating the spilling effect

This is a ‘seriously impressive’ version of the spilled planter, with 2 large barrels suspended from a wire and trails of yellow and red flowers, seeming to pour from the mouth. The middle line of purple flowers seems to flow out of the mouth of the middle barrel onto the ground.

#6. Waterfall urn


The thick vibrant nature of these blue-purple flowers makes a waterfall effect from the mouth of this decorative, carved urn. The color is absolutely fabulous in contrast to the rich red wood chip bed. The wood chips are a perfect addition, since they cover the soil and add to the illusion that the flowers are ‘pouring’ out of the urn.

#7. Rolling bucket



This lightweight bucket has flowers that spill out of it forming a slightly arched ‘river of flowers,’ resembling a puddle made by a rolling bucket. This slightly-messy display creates a fantastic sense of dichotomy when coupled with the perfectly-manicured topiary trees, grass, and the aisles up to a fire pit and trellis.

#8. Overflowing basin


This tabletop arrangement is one of the more unique versions of the display that we have suggested, and features a wide variety of succulents, which are low-maintenance plants, and come in a crazy amount of varieties and shapes. The bottom dish is filled with small succulents, while the pitcher is filled with a more vine-like variety to simulate pouring ‘green water.’

#9. Urn with glass baubles


These vines or ferns are simpler plants to display, so you may choose to “dress up the display” by using a bold colored ceramic planter, or add small glass baubles on stakes. These details give the spilled vines a whole new ‘stellar’ dimension.

#10. Dry stream bed with floral river


Finally, we see another simple-and-clean display featuring a terra cotta pot and a large, flowing array of small light-bluish flowers. This is a display that takes full advantage of location, placing the flowers next to a dry stream bed and a small footbridge. It is nothing short of fascinating, right?

In our opinion, this type of gardening is the ‘cry of the summer’ that anyone involved can take pride in. Yes, hurry up, let this spilling flower planters make your garden day!

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