11 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

Many people focus on healthy food, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle by spending thousands and thousands of dollars, not knowing that the key to a healthy life lies in one simple step- drinking a lot of water! It’s free, it’s healthy and it’s the easiest way to maintain a healthy body.

Our organism is consisted of great amount of water and by consuming it daily we just contribute to better functioning of our brain, digestive system, meaning that the main organs are counting on our water intake.

However, we often forget to drink enough water because of our busy lives or simply because we don’t have the habit to fill the glass and drink. Lack of water can lead to many problems we are not even aware of, and I would probably never connect my headache with the lack of water in my organism.

It’s time to give water a more serious notion raise the glass of water standing next to you, because you will need it!

Here is why water is so important for us:

  • helps you lose weight by controlling the calories in your body
  • helps the body remove all the toxins accumulating during the day
  • helps food digestion
  • helps the skin stay hydrated and moisturized throughout the day, therefore it keeps you young and fresh
  • helps you balance your body fluids
  • helps the body regulate the temperature

These are only few reasons why you should grab a bottle of water before you go out and start your day, because there isn’t a better way of starting your day than with a glass of water.

However, if you forget to refill your glass or bottle, if you spend several hours without drinking water, your body will start reacting and so will you.


These are the most common 11 signs which will occur, if you don’t increase your water intake:

1.Stinky breath

I am sure you have all had that feeling in the morning, when your mouth is dry and you have an instant urge to drink water. That’s because your body have been spending the water supplies from you own body, and in the morning it needs a ‘refill’.

Water functions as a lubricant and less water causes less saliva, which is essential against bad breath and bacteria in the mouth. The saliva has an antibacterial function which prevents the growth of bacteria and therefore prevents stinky breath.

2. Dry skin

The word hydration is closely connected with water. Lack of water can mostly be seen on the human’s largest organ- the skin. If you feel that your skin is rough or maybe cracking, that means that you immediately need to increase your water intake.

The elasticity and hydration depends on the amount of water you drink per day. Acne, wrinkles and premature aging are only few of the symptoms which your skin will show due to lack of water. The skin is sweating less, meaning it’s unable to clean the body from toxins. Sweat is just a healthy way of expressing that your body is cleansed from toxins.

3.  Lack of concentration

Our brain is consisted of 90% water, meaning that water is an essential component of one of the most important organs. Sufficient amount of water intake during the day means that our brain will function better and therefore our whole system will function better as well. Lack of water leads to poor concentration or blurry mind. We can’t focus properly nor think clearly, our brain will work more slowly and we will have problems focusing.

4. Urination problems

Going to the bathroom six to seven times a day is actually a good think. That means that your body is throwing away all the toxins and that you have a healthy and regular urinary track system. However, if the color of your urine is dark, you should be worried. Proper urine should be light and anything darker than light yellow indicates a more concentrated urine hence a poor hydrated body.

5. Problems with the digestive system

Drinking water can help the digestive system to function better by cleansing it from toxins. Lack of water causes constipation and poor bowel movements. Because of the liquid loss, you must always supply your body with more liquids in case of diarrhea and vomiting, as well as during hot, boiling day, when the body is sweating excessively.

6. Muscle and joint pain

During a hard physical activity, it’s essential to drink sufficient amount of water in order to prevent joint pain and muscle cramps due to lack of water. When the body is dehydrated, the joins are not lubricated, they grind against each other and therefore we feel a lot of pain. As a matter of fact, cartilage and joints are consisted of approximately 80 % of water, hence you see the connection and the importance of water.

7. Increased heart rate

Due to lack of water, your heart is beating faster because of the reduced plasma volume which makes blood rushing through the veins. This can also lead to bad circulation and low blood pressure, due to the change in the electrolytes in your body. So, whenever you feel you heart is beating faster than usual, have a glass of water and take a few minutes. You will feel your heart slowing down and you will feel much better.

8. Tired and without energy

Lack of water affects blood pressure and therefore it disturbs the oxygen flow. Lack of oxygen causes fatigue, sleepiness and less energy, therefore your body is functioning more slowly and you will feel tired all day.

9. Frequent headache

As we mentioned previously, the malfunction of the brain can cause many other problems and headache is one of them. Dehydration can cause insufficient oxygen flow and therefore a headache. So whenever you feel pressure or pain, reach for a glass of water instead of pills.

10. Food cravings

Water can help you kill the excessive desire for food and snacks. Sometimes, due to dehydration, the brain sends us mixed signals about the possible problem and we feel hungry, even though we are not. Instead of reaching for snacks and food, try to kill your hunger with a glass of water. Water can’t replace whole meals but it can help you kill the hunger late at night.

11. Weigh problems

Many people who are on a food regime ignore the water factor. Water can help you control calories and it will speed up your metabolism. Every problem is somehow connected and by triggering one you are probably going to trigger another problem connected with lack of water.

These are only some of the problems which you may experience due to lack of water. In order to prevent them, you need to drink a lot of water during the day, consume food which is consisted of water, like fruits and vegetables, avoid beverages which have chemicals or artificial colors in them, don’t ignore your thirst moments, always carry a bottle of water in your purse and always start your day with a glass of water.

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