12 Most Beautiful Blue Flowers In The World

Only the flowers with matching colors will bloom at the same time, harmonized in an infinite stretch of blue or pink.

Color blue is associated with intellect and spirituality. It has obvious calming effects and helps with sleep disorders. While light blue is the color of sky serenity, calmness and peace, dark blue color conveys importance and confidence. Blue is also related to sadness, depression and mourning.

Blue color flowers are one of the rarest flowers found in the world. They convey a message of love and desire and also of supreme struggle to reach the zenith. Blue flowers also put you in a pondering mood through their cooling and calming effect.  At the same time, it is believed that blue flowers can slow down your metabolism and reduce your appetite.

Generally speaking, blue flowers stand for trust, loyalty, intelligence, wisdom, truth, faith and confidence.

Here are the 12 most beautiful blue flowers found across the world:

1. Brunnera flower


It is a 5-petaled tiny blue flower with sprays held above the foliage. These airy sprays of blue flowers appear in early spring and have a striking resemblance to forget-me-not blossoms.

2. Anemone flower


It comes in bright vivid colors and blooms in spring, summer and fall. The anemone is also known as a windflower. Spring blooming anemones are low growing plants that are good choices for woodland and rock gardens. This flower is believed to bring luck and protect against evil and other harmful forces. It also carries magical and prophetic tales with itself, and thus is called ‘anticipation’ in the language of flowers.

3. Columbine flower


It is a plant from the ranunculaceous genus with seemingly delicate petals and colored sepals which give an appearance of a bunch of pigeons. The name is derived from the Latin word ‘aquila’ and stands for ‘dove’ in the language of flowers. The leaves are in dark and bluish-green color and the flower blooms in a beautiful blue color with ferny foliage. It also comes in colors like violet, yellow, pink, red, maroon and white.

4. Blue hydrangea flower


It is an absolute breathtaking flower. Some blue hydrangeas come in vivid and striking colors, while some are in subtle shades like powder blue or sky blue. The shades of blue vary according to the alkalinity of the soil. Blue hydrangea flower convey a heartfelt and strong feeling of love when given as a gift.

5. Delphinium flower


Delphinium flowers come in some of the truest hues of blue color. This dolphin-shaped flower stands for fun, levity, ardent attachment and big heartedness in the language of flowers.

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