Did you know that wheatgrass is a green wonder herb full of nutrients for your body? Personally, I didn’t believe it until I tried it myself. Drinking it as a juice has become a habit ever since I tasted this nutritious herb turned into a juice. Wheatgrass isn’t as popular as some other herbs, but there are at least 20 good reasons to give it a chance.

Surprisingly, wheatgrass contains many vitamins. It has twice the amount of vitamin A found in carrots and it also contains more vitamin C than oranges. Not only these, but all types of B vitamins can be traced in wheatgrass.

There are minerals along the vitamins as well, including phosphorus, sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. If you are asking for proteins, this is the rights choice for you! It is a full source of protein and it contains all the important amino acids.

The protein is in the form of small and short chains of amino acids that are used by the body in a more efficient way in the blood stream and tissues.

These amino acids are called poly peptides. As you can see, there are many reasons to incorporate this herb in your diet, starting from using it as a source of many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes, and many more to be mentioned in this text.

  1. It slows down aging

The number one on this list is the most surprising one, so let’s see how it works. Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, whereas chlorophyll contains super-oxide dismutase (protein that contains copper and can be seen in red blood cells) and enzymes. It works in a way that the enzyme decomposes superoxide radicals into a more manageable from, therefore slowing down the process of aging.

  1. It helps in formation of red and white blood cells

Because it contains 70% chlorophyll, it is a great blood builder. There is a great amount of hemoglobin, and as a result, more oxygen, making it possible for blood cells to be formed.

  1. It can cure anemia

The molecules of chlorophyll resemble the hemoglobin found in our body. Having this quality, it can help in forming new blood cells and therefore treat anemia.

  1. It is a great source of vitamins and minerals

Believe it or not, wheatgrass contains all minerals known to man and that is why it is a great healer. Moreover, these are some of the vitamins it contains: A, B-complex, C, K, and E. Additionally, it also has an abundance of protein and it has 17 amino acids.

  1. It acts as a natural detergent

Because of its structure, wheatgrass can be used not only as a detergent, but also as a body deodorant.

  1. It helps you lose weight

Wheatgrass makes wonders to your body if you want to stay fit or lose some pounds. When you consume it, you get more energy and thus you work out a lot. The final result is losing weight. An interesting fact is that wheatgrass stimulates the thyroid gland and people struggling with weight gain due to their thyroid gland can try to incorporate it in their diet.

  1. It protects you from illnesses

Wheatgrass, especially in the form of a juice can really boost your immune system and fight certain diseases. To come back to the chlorophyll again, it can also protect the body from carcinogens and detoxify the body organs.

  1. Improves eyesight

If you consume wheatgrass on a regular basis, you can improve your night vision.

  1. Eliminates bad breath

Wheatgrass acts as a detoxifier and therefore, removes body odor as well as bad breath.

  1. Restores the pH balance

If you need to balance your pH levels, you need alkaline, which is supplemented by wheatgrass. That’s how you can easily make a balance.


  1. It can cure hemorrhoids and piles

This can be done thanks to the nutrients it contains. In order to cure these, consume wheatgrass juice twice a day for three months and wait for the results.

  1. Keeps you away from bacteria

Start drinking wheatgrass juice to prevent this from happening! If you want to treat it, consume wheatgrass regularly as it helps in growth deterioration of the bacteria.

  1. Removes Dandruff

Wheatgrass is an amazing beauty product. If you have any problems with dandruff, just massage your scalp with wheatgrass juice and leave it for up to 20 minutes. Then, rinse it off and say goodbye to dandruff!

  1. It cleans the skin

Make this your favorite activity and pour wheatgrass juice in a hot tub. Soak your body for 15-20 minutes and after that just wash it off to see your skin clear and shiny!

  1. It treats skin diseases

The chlorophyll ointments have a soothing effect and they help in treating the skin from the outside and the underlying layers as well. It can be beneficial in treating: ivy poisoning, dry or weeping eczema, burning and itching of the rectum, and insect bites or infections.

  1. Clears congestion in sinuses

If you insert packs of chlorophyll into your sinuses, the congestion will be cleared up, the spot will be dried and you will feel relieved. After about 24 hours you will be a new person.

  1. It can remove acnes and scars

Incorporate wheatgrass juice in your diet, eat a properly diet and see your life change completely! Believe it or not, after seven to eight months of usage, the juice cures acnes and removes scars.

  1. It soothes toothaches and keeps your teeth healthy

The secret behind wheatgrass eliminating your pain is its power to pull poisons from the gums. You need to hold it in your mouth for 5 minutes and the pain will disappear. It not only soothes the toothache, but wheatgrass in the form of a juice also prevents teeth decay.

  1. It cures sore throat

Wheatgrass juice is also used to cure sore throat. You just need to gargle regularly. It will make wonders for your throat.

  1. It helps with constipation

Wheatgrass juice contains a lot of magnesium, and, therefore, keeps your bowels open and prevents constipation.

Out of all these reasons to incorporate wheatgrass into your diet, you will sure find at least one that is your favorite and include it in your daily lives in order to keep healthy.

Other names for wheatgrass:Witch grass, scotch quelch, blé en herbe, wheat grass,couch grass, cutch, dog grass, dog-grass, graminis rhizoma, brote del trigo, herbe de blé, agropyre, agropyron , quack grass, doggrass, durfa grass quackgrass, couchgrass, quitch grass, triticum, agropyron repens, elymus repens , triticum firmum, agropyron firmum triticum repens, twitchgrass, elytrigia repens.

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