4 Exercises for Strong Legs and Glutes

Barbell Squat

As is with all forms of exercise, if you want to get good results you perform them properly and to have a consistent training regime. One of the biggest mistakes that beginners make is of shorting themselves while squatting from the full movement. Many will only go down to about the parallel point from the knees to the body. This could be considered a wise move if, by chance, you’ve had some medical issue or just simple pain in the knee, but a correct squat has to be done a bit lower than your knee.

The reason for doing that is that you want to put your hamstrings and glutes into work. This will contract the muscles into tension. If the exercise is too light it will not make any noticeable improvement. Consider adding a bit of intensity in the movement you’ve got the normal squat perfected by pausing for one or two seconds at the bottom before lifting yourself up. Once you’ve become comfortable with this added step, consider stop for a second half-way through the upwards step before completing it.

One Leg Barbell Squat

Another efficient exercise for improving your leg and glute strength is that of the one leg barbell squat. It is not difficult to perform, you place one leg up the box or bench behind you, during this time the other leg stands straight.

Use either a barbell or a pair of dumbbells, position them accordingly either at your side or resting across on your back. Once you’ve got the standing position correctly and your weights as well start by moving into the squat position. Go as low as you can while maintaining a comfortable state and continue like this for the duration of your exercise. Switch the leg once you’ve completed your rep.

Uphill Walking

Walking uphill is one of the simplest ways to improve the muscles of the legs. Since this requires your body to move on the gradient you will be exercising every part of the leg all the way up to the glutes. Always consider the safety of the knees in this situation as it’s quite a intensive work out. A pair of knee sleeves can help prevent any injury resulted from such exercises particularly if you’ve gone for quite a long time with it or if you’ve never done this type of exercise before.


One of the ways to start deadlifting is with the aid of a board or a block under your feet. The board or block will help by adding a bit of flexion and as such will provide a bonus workout to the hamstring muscles.

However, if your aim is that of pure strength, the board/block is not required.


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