4 Silent Signs You May Have Clogged Arteries And How To Prevent Them

The human body is the most complex system in existence that generates warning signs against serious diseases. The following signs we have listed, some of which are very discreet, might mean that seeing a doctor is a necessity for you.

1 . Leg pain and numbness

If you feel pain or numbness in the calves while you walk, it can mean clogged arteries. Another feature of this condition is relief from said pain and numbness when you put your feet up to rest, also called intermittent claudication.

2 . Erectile dysfunction

A lot of studies have proven that erectile dysfunction in men is a frequent indicator of an impending cardiovascular disease. If you cannot get it up when you normally could, it might be the time to find an underlying cause instead of pinning the failure on mood and popping a blue pill.

3 . Hair loss

Losing hair, while it’s regularly attributed to aging, may also mean high levels of triglycerides in the blood stream. High triglycerides (or bad fat in the blood stream) can be impeding proper circulation, which may cause baldness in both men and women.

4 . Earlobe crease

Abbreviated to DEC, a diagonal earlobe crease isn’t a definite sign of clogged arteries. It could just as easily be innate feature. However, along with other indicators like weight, age, and gender, studies show that it has been associated with a higher risk factor for “coronary artery calcification,” a medical term for clogged heart vessels.

Paying attention to these signs and taking the concerns to a medical health professional right away could even save your life, since clogged arteries are directly related to cardiovascular that is heart disease.

It’s better to be safe than to be sorry, as they say, so prevention is always better than cure. There are slight modifications to your diet that can easily help you avoid clogged arteries and heart disease altogether.

Among the best foods that prevent clogged arteries are these:

All sugar-sweetened beverages are linked with obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and significantly elevated cholesterol  deposits. All these conditions lead to arterial inflammation, hardening, or clogging. Say goodbye to soda! Cut soda and artificially-flavored beverages out of your daily diet altogether and you will undoubtedly see a positive change in your health.

A realistic take on taking away sugar-sweetened beverages out of your diet is a gradual decrease. Swap one sugary drink for a glass of water (or 100% fruit juice weekly), until it is completely eliminated. If it is sweet, but not natural, it has to go out of your diet. Period!

Consider replacing unhealthy soda with healthy tea instead. Flavonols and anthocyanins found in black, purple and oolong teas have been found by researchers to protect the heart and blood vessels. Tea can also lower blood pressure and prevent hardening and plaque buildup in the arteries. The recommended daily doze is 3 cups a day, so consider switching your late afternoon cup of coffee with tea instead.

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