5 SUPER-FAST Indoor Vegetables You Can Grow In About A Month


Psychologists agree that winter gardening is good for ‘mind perking.’ It keeps us pondering and learning new developments, which in turn helps our brains be on the alert, healthy and as ‘young’ as possible. We do understand that winter gardening can be a long haul when there is a whole foot of snow covering the garden.

So, have you ever thought about growing vegetables indoors? It is worth trying since indoor cultivating of plants helps us grow fresh produce until our gardens are ready to be put in use anew.

The most amazing thing about “indoor gardening” is that there are actually vegetables you can grow and eat within about a month! So, let’s take a look at selected 5 super-fast growing vegetables that thrive indoors.

Setting up the environment for your indoor vegetables

The default conditions for growing nutrient-dense veggies are:
1. good air,
2. organic nutrients,
3. water, and
4. light.

One perfect place to sit your vegetables is window-sills of course, especially those south-facing windows, although setting up ‘grow lights’ can be beneficial if you don’t have any wide-enough window-sills suitable for this purpose.

You ought to know that during the winter, indoor vegetables need at least 5-6 hours of sun exposure, as well as good air circulation. Put your vegetables in pots, and create a ‘pot garden.’

Pot-gardens can be made from large containers with proper drainage. Each vegetable will need a space of about 4 inches. Plastic dishes and pans have worked for many gardeners. Growing flats also works for indoor gardening.

Most potting soils work well, but look for the kind of soil your vegetables will do the best in. Remember to use potting soil [not gardening soil]. Avoid it since the gardening soil often gets ‘packed down’ in containers.

Do not overwater, but at the same time, don’t underwater. Once they grow, harvest your plants often to encourage regrowth of ‘newborns.’ And keep your plants away from strong drafts if you don’t want them to catch “winter colds!”

Note: When using mini containers or pots, make sure that pots drain well, so your vegetables don’t become ‘waterlogged.’

You probably wonder which vegetables should you try…

Well, you can grow almost any vegetable you like in your dishes, but if you are time-pressed, or you dislike waiting for months during the winter before you can taste your veggies, you may want to take a look at the quick-growing varieties. For instance, baby greens are quick-and-easy to harvest. They add color and a fresh savor to the usual winter dishes.

Here below are 5 vegetables you will be able to enjoy within only 30 days or so:

1. Radishes

RadishesThis good-looking vegetable is known to be one of best, if not THE fastest, growing vegetable! They stay fresh long and are pinkish colorful, adding a little ‘zip’ to salads, or even as a healthy snack on their own. Without a doubt, they’re the best kept secret in indoor self-reliance gardening…

Radishes take up very little space, so they are an indoor-convenient variety. They come in many varieties and colors.

2. Green onions

onionsThe stalks of green onions can be picked up after only 3-4 weeks. Most onion plants take about 6 months to fully mature, but green onions are an ‘honorable exception.’ Like radishes, they also take up little space indoors, and can be used for cooking any dish you like. They like rich soils, so you should opt for a mix of potting soil and quality compost.

3. Lettuce

LettuceThe lettuce is very easy to grow indoors, and does especially well when it has been grown in medium-sized containers. This vegetable can stand its seeds being sown close together and will still grow well. Most leafy lettuces, especially romaine, can grow to the harvesting point in about a month time. It is recommendable to let the leaves grow to about 3 inches before cutting them for consummation.

4. Baby carrots 

Baby carrots

Please bear in mind: These are baby carrots, not fully-grown carrots. Being smaller than their full-sized “parents,” baby carrots are very quick to grow. They take up to 30 days to mature, whereas if you would let them grow out, they would take 50 or 60 days.

You can sprinkle the seeds on the top of the potting soil, and simply moisten the surface. You can also thin out the seedlings to the amount you want when you see the growth. Like real babies, baby carrots love to bathe in the sunlight as well.

5. Baby spinach


This is another baby variety suitable for indoor potted plants. This veggie grows very similarly to the lettuce. It does not need a lot of space to thrive, either.

The spinach only takes 4 weeks to grow once it is well-planted. It is considered a ‘super food,’ and adds color and distinct flavor to any meal.

The spinach is a resourceful ingredient: it can be used in salads, sandwiches, omelets, pizzas, pasta and pastry, and many other tasteful recipes.

To sum up, growing your own customized winter vegetables is a healthy and fun way to spend the long winter. Most important, you will know where your fresh produce comes from, and you can have their freshness throughout all cold months.


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