5 Tips to Make Yourself Smart and Fit

Looking smart and fit and feeling overall like a healthy person is not something unachievable no matter how unhealthy you feel yourself to be. In this list we will cover up some of the basic clichés which you probably already know but along with that, we will also be giving you some great tips on making you look physically amazing.

Exercise Regularly

The reason we have included these mainstream ideas in this list is because they are the most efficient ways to look great. One of these included exercising regularly so you better take that gym membership and head on. Cardio exercises are usually for people who wish to burn a lot of fat and strength training is for people who wish to build up muscle. The best workout is one where you combine both. You could just work out one hour daily and we can guarantee you will catch yourself admiring yourself in full length mirrors very often

Eat at Home

We are not saying that you never eat out but it is always best to cook for yourself and use natural and organic ingredients in your food. Staying away from preservatives does wonders for your body. You don’t need to be a chef to work with those ingredients; there are thousands of easy recipes available online. You will soon catch yourself looking for fancy ingredients like shitake mushrooms and handy appliances like a good raclette grill with which to make great cheesy burgers and steaks for your cooking ventures.

Know Your Food Groups

Always know what food groups you are including in your everyday meals. If you consider yourself to be more on the fit side, it is best to include equal portions of fat, carbohydrates and protein in your diet along with healthy amounts of fiber. If you wish to lose weight then you should say your goodbyes to carbs and say hello to protein. Remember to eat your veggies along with meat and not take up a carnivorous lifestyle. Also stay away from food laden with artificial flavoring and preservatives like potato chips.


This may seem like a shortcut but it has many long term benefits as well. Wearing shapewear under your clothes regularly will help in permanently toning your body into a proper shape, provided that you exercise regularly and eat healthy. Other than that, you also look great no matter what you’re wearing as your body is in its best possible proportions and any unsightly bulges or rolls are smoothened out completely.


Another great way to look amazing is by taking supplements. Supplements can come in herbal forms like ginger and green tea extracts and vitamins and also in artificial forms. Supplements can help you burn fat, gain muscle mass and can also prove to be really helpful in controlling your appetite. Know that most artificial supplements can give you jitters since they contain caffeine and not all of them are effective. This is why it’s best to read reviews on different supplements before purchasing.

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