6 Easy Remedies To Make Your House Bug-Free (Without Chemicals)

Nobody really likes creepy spiders and bugs around the house or offices. They can often appear in our homes, and we all know that their elimination can be rather hard at times.

If you have recently seen an infestation of spiders and other pests, you can relax now, because below you will read about some natural ways to eliminate them for a long time.

We suggest that you can keep insects away from your room corners by using items that are common in every household.

All the remedies suggested below are completely natural agents that can help you eliminate spiders and bugs, and are safer for use than chemical repellents.

  1. Use citrus peels

All insects, including bugs, do not like citrus smell. Therefore, you can rub the walls, bookshelves, baseboards, window sills and other areas of your home where bugs have a tendency to congregate, with citrus peels from lemons, oranges, or limes. Even using lemon-scented furniture polish can drive pesky spiders away!

  1. Use peppermint oil to “mint them out”

Did you know that spiders can’t stand peppermint smell? Most of the people don’t know this simple fact! Indeed, peppermint oil can be of great help in your home, as it will keep spiders away and it will leave the area smelling amazing.

An easy way to keep spiders from invading your space is to fill a spray bottle with peppermint essential oil and water and spray delicately with your peppermint oil spray wherever you see a spider web.

  1. White vinegar also does the trick

Repelling spiders with vinegar is much like repelling them with peppermint oil, in that you fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water, and spray all the cracks and crevices around your home which serve as an entrance for spiders and different bugs. So, you can use vinegar for the same reason you use peppermint oil.

  1. Use cedar as bug deterrent

Cedar will prevent bugs from “stopping by” since it is less inclined to rot, so it is normally insect and spider resistant. You can use cedar mulch outside around the perimeter of your house to try to keep spiders from ever getting inside.

When it comes to inside of your home, you ought to consider utilizing cedar for closet hangers, chests, dressers, and cupboards. Even cedar blocks or shavings inside closets, cupboards or drawers can make bugs “have a second thought” about hanging out in there as well!

Thus, you can make great use of cedar around your home to make a defensive blockade!

5.       Don’t let them in

You can also check all door openings and windowsills to make sure there isn’t room for spiders to get in that way,and apply caulk when needed.

6.       Use chestnuts and hedge apples

Yes, you read that right, chestnuts! They have been known to drive away spiders, so placing a few in your windowsills or along your baseboards can keep spiders from hanging out there. Many people also believe that the same thing can be done with an Osage orange (also known as a hedge apple).

You can keep chestnuts and hedge apples in the house for a long time before they go bad, so it’s worth giving it a try! 

7.       Use tobacco

It may sound weird, but spiders hate tobacco just about as much as they hate lemons and chestnuts!

You can sprinkle small pieces of tobacco where spiders are troublesome, or you can soak tobacco in water and then spray the mixture all around.

However, tobacco is pretty expensive these days, so you can likely find a more affordable fix for keeping spiders at bay!

  1. Finally, keep your home and yard as clean as possible

Unfortunately, the cheapest and the most “organic” way to repel spiders and bugs naturally is usually not the easiest! Keeping your home neat, tidy and free of dust or spider webs and cobwebs is the best way to keep bugs from moving in.

Regular vacuuming, dusting, and de-cluttering will keep any insects from making themselves at home.

Moreover, if you have a damp cellar, you may need to install a dehumidifier or check your downspouts to guarantee that water is not getting into your cellar.

A great way to keep bugs out of your home is to never let them in in the first place! So, make sure that the entire exterior of your home is free from leaves, grass clippings, wood piles, or any other notorious spider hangouts.

Keep up with your garden work consistently and also regularly check the door openings and windowsills where bugs and spiders may get through. In short, take good care of the hygiene of your entire home!

Insects’ bites and stings can make harm to human skin and bring about diseases, so nobody really wants them hanging and moving inside their house. We hope that we provided the answers you have been looking for to make your house bug-free, and, at the same time, chemical free.