6 Tips To Enjoy Travelling Alone


A major obstacle towards people from travelling more is the absence of a travel buddy. The question here is – do you require one?

While having a travel buddy is an excellent idea since you will have some help during emergencies, and you’d always have someone to share the experience with, it can also be a hassle.

Just think about how you need to align your schedules and the need to deal with differences in personality and preference. If you’re one of those people who don’t like such hassle, then travelling alone is something you can look into.

Travelling alone can be quite a unique experience if you know how to do it wisely.

6 Tips To Enjoy Travelling Alone

  1. Do Not Start With Destinations for Couples

If you want to enjoy your travel time alone, don’t choose a destination for couples like Aruba or Hawaii. If you feel insecure about travelling alone, seeing couples or other people with their partners in your chosen destination may not be a good idea.

You can save those destinations for last – after you’ve got the hang of travelling alone. You can go to beaches and resorts where there aren’t a lot of couples around. While at it, you can go diving and spend more time with nature instead of people.

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  1. Take It Easy and Gradually Work On Your Costs

Don’t take the most expensive trip immediately. If you don’t have experience travelling internationally, then don’t take a month’s trip to another continent. Begin with a short trip to a neighbouring country or any country whose currency is familiar to you.

 You also need to get used to the environment and the people’s culture.

You can, however, spare some extra cash to make your trip more comfortable. For instance, you can make a reservation in a decent resort and order decent food or opt for an accommodation where you can relax.

Here’s a resource on how you can travel solo on a budget – Travelling Solo: on a budget.

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  1. Befriend Some Good People by Joining Group Tours

You may be an introverted person, and that’s why you prefer to travel alone. Still, you can form small friendships during your tour just to get rid of boredom. Day tours would provide a fantastic opportunity for you to meet new people and interact with travelling friends.

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  1. Have People Take Your Pictures

One of the biggest challenges to travelling alone is taking pictures. You may end up with a bunch of selfies that may not be good enough to look at. There’s also the risk that other people may run away with your camera once they get a hold of it.

The safest approach is to seek out the assistance of couples or families and offer to take a picture with them.

It’s okay for you to ask those people to have a picture with you. You are not annoying anybody, and they will not run away with your stuff once they get their hands on it. Having a group tour with a guide is also a good way to go about this.

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  1. Eat Alone With Confidence

It may dread you to think that you are going to be eating alone inside a restaurant in an unfamiliar place. And yet eating alone is much more liberating than eating with friends. It’s a good opportunity for you to enjoy your food without anybody distracting you.

Eating alone with confidence, not with dread should be one of the most pleasurable moments in your travel. I’m sure you want to try out different types of food in that place you are visiting. Take the time to eat as many food as you like.

Being alone in a trip gives you that freedom. You can even pack up some food and bring it to your place. Eating alone, you don’t have to worry about being judged in the way you eat. You can be messy while at it.

It’s also great to eat at night time. You want to enjoy the silence and peace of the evening and relish the taste of your dinner.

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  1. Be Friendly and Sensible

You might prefer doing your site-seeing activities during the day where the sun is shining, and you get to take as many pictures as you like. But you may not feel so safe at the same time. You can be warm and friendly to the people around but never forget to use caution.

If you want to feel safer, you can take a cab instead of public transport, especially when you’re going out at night. Do not talk to strangers. Before leaving the hotel, ask the concierge whether it’s safe to go into some locations and make sure you let him know where you are going.

If you’re going out during the winter, don’t forget to wear winter boots to avoid getting cold feet or slipping over the ice.

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Final Thoughts

Travelling alone could be one of the most adventurous things you’ve ever done in your life. Do not let fear and insecurity hold you back. Follow these tips and enjoy travelling alone!

Here’s a video on how travelling solo can take your breath away:

We hope you enjoyed this article. Do you have other tips on how to enjoy travelling alone? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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