6 Ways to Get Rid of Cold Sores

Are you one of those unfortunate victims of the herpes virus who have been affected by cold sores recently? We sympathize with you. Cold sores can be painful, unattractive and downright annoying. While the fluid filled, crusty lesions are lounging around on your face or around your lips, there is nothing you can really do. Putting makeup on is out of the question but so is anything else you may want to do to your face. So what do we do for cold sores treatment? Read ahead and find out.


First and foremost, go to a doctor. The dermatologist is the real expert in providing treatment for any skin conditions you have to treat and you will be putting yourself at a great risk by not referring to a doctor and asking for help. He will probably prescribe to you an ointment and some prescription medication, both of which you must be exceptionally vigilant with and use as per the given schedule. Following the doctor’s orders is the best way to get rid of cold sores; anything else you do must be done alongside for the best treatment possible.

Cold Compress

A tried and tested method of getting rid of cold sores, preventing secondary infection and soothing them before the outbreak is by applying ice or a cold compress. It helps soothe the redness, allows them to compress themselves and lessens the chances of a breakout occurring if you have already felt it coming.


A kind of home remedy for treating cold sores is by using vanilla. Artificial Vanilla extract will not give the same result because the best treatment is provided by real, organic, pure vanilla extract. This is said to work because of the presence of alcohol which prevents the virus from thriving.


Use whole milk as a compress by applying it on your face with a cotton pad or even as a drink to get the immunoglobulins working which helps in keeping the virus at bay. Other than that, it can also be used to prevent breakouts of the sores.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a well-known disinfectant; just apply it on your sores. Though we cannot guarantee that it will not hurt, the risk of the pain is probably worth it because it is a great remedy. The virus dies out slowly because of the disinfection and further breakouts are also prevented.

Licorice root can be made into a topical cream which can help you in getting rid of cold sores easily. This is because licorice is said to contain glycyrrhizic acid which is said to keep the virus from growing and making the lesions spread. The method is simple, get hold of some licorice powder and make it into a cream using water or even milk. Apply it on your face daily for effective treatment. You can even drink licorice tea for this purpose if you think making a cream is too much hard work.

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