8 Lfehack Tips You Can Do With Lemon Peels and Juice (Cooking tips, Cleaning tips, Deodorizing tips, Beauty tips…)

Lemon is known to be the super SUPER fruit. Not only it contains an enormous amount of highly beneficial nutrients, but it also has an impact on your whole body.

Lemon has been grown in Florida, ever since Columbus introduced them to the New World and back in those days, lemons were very expensive. However, throughout the time, their price has been lowered down and now we can enjoy this perfectly refreshing fruit for a reasonable price.

Can you believe that lemon can be used in almost every possible way? This fact shouldn`t be surprising knowing the nutritive power of this amazing fruit. Firstly, lemons are loaded with C vitamin, probably more than any other fruit (together with limes).

Secondly, all bright citrus fruits contain antioxidants known as flavonoids or the heart disease fighters (including cancer).

Lemons also contain a sufficient amount of minerals, such as calcium, iron, copper and potassium, which is considered to help control blood pressure and heart rate.

Now, lay back, grab a glass of lemon juice and find out what can you do with lemon and its peels!

When life gives you lemons…make sure to use them wisely

1.)  Cooking tips

·         To prevent you veggies and fruits from browning, slice them into pieces, put them in a bowl with lemon juice and let them sit for a while.

·         To revive limp veggies like lettuce, spinach, cabbage, fill a bowl with cold water, put some lemon juice in it and leave the veggies in the bowl for an hour and be prepared for your “refreshed” salad.

·         To refresh your summer drinks, add some pieces of lemon in your ice cube tray, and in that way your beverages will get a lemon taste.

·         To keep rice from sticking, a spoonful of lemon juice will do the magic.

·         To flavor your meat for lunch, mix lemon juice with spices and oils to marinate the meat.

·         To substitute sour cream, add lemon juice to whipped cream and stir for half an hour.

2.)  Cleaning tips

·         Lemon juice is extremely helpful with grease stains and water stains, so feel free to use it as substitute to detergents. Have problems with dirty windows? Mix vinegar and lemon juice and that will do the trick. With this mix, you can also polish copper and brass and it is very suitable for removing tarnish.

·         If you have problems with rusty areas, lemon juice and baking soda will be the perfect match. The clogged drains can also benefit from this combination. Pour a pot of boiling water in the drain, add baking soda and lemon juice and after that pour another pot of boiling water. The mixture will create foam which will unclog the drain, pour another pot of boiling water for better effects.

·         If you want your silverware to shine, soak it into a tablespoon of lemon, 0.5 cut instant dry milk and 1.5 cups of water. Then, polish with a clean cloth.

·         Lemon oil, olive or jojoba olive and lemon juice are a perfect homemade polish for your furniture.

3.)  Deodorizing tips

·         Lemon juice is perfect for removing the odor of your hands, like garlic, fish. Add lemon juice to your soap and wash your hands.

·         Add lemon peel in your garbage and it will remove the unpleasant odor. You can also put the peels in your fireplace, it will be a flame starter and your room will smell wonderful.

·         You can refresh your room by simmering lemon peels, cinnamon sticks and cloves and also by adding lemon juice in your humidifier.

·         Lemon juice is perfect for removing bad breath, but remembers to always drink a glass of water after that because lemon juice can erode your teeth.

4.)  Stain removal tips

·         After a period, as a result of sweating and deodorants, clothes can get yellow. Apply lemon juice and salt; leave it to dry on the sun if possible, for better effects.

·         You can also clean white trainers and snickers with lemon juice and salt, dry them on the sun and you will find them white and renewed.

·         Lemon juice and vinegar are known as the grease fighters, apply the mix on the stain, leave it on and then rinse.

5.)  Beauty tips

·         Lemon juice is very helpful with skin problems such as acne, freckles and age marks. Applying it twice a week, directly to your skin, lemon juice will remove all skin imperfections and will help your skin.

·         A mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice can lighten your hair during summer. Apply this mix before exposing yourself on the sun, coconut oil will protect your hair from drying and lemon juice will lighten and refresh your hair color.

·         If you want to strengthen and whiten your nails, soak them in a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. Extremely potent mixture for perfect and healthy nails.

·         Lemon juice is also known to help with problems with the scalp. Dandruff will no longer be a problem, because lemon juice is the solution! Apply it on your scalp, leave it for a while and wash your hair with warm water for a perfect glow.

·         You can also prepare yourself a homemade exfoliating for your body and face. Combine lemon juice with honey, olive oil and sugar and rub your body and face with it, after that rinse and hydrate your skin with a soft cream with UV protection.

6.)  Health benefits

·         Lemons are immune system boosters! If you suffer from sore throat, coughing and you feel that you are coming down with a cold, do not hesitate and prepare yourself lemon juice or tea flavored with lemon. The C vitamin will prevent any cold and help you get through it with ease. Also, lemons give a lot of energy and freshness to your body, so they prepare the body to fight with whatever you are coming down with.

·         I f you are suffering from insect bites and skin rushes like poison ivy, lemon juice will relieve the itching and the swelling.

·         Lemon juice can also help with warts, apply it directly and it will help start the recovery.

These are only a few ways to use lemons and lemon peels, whichever way you try trust me it`s worth it.