Aluminum In Deodorants Can Cause Breast Cancer. Use LIME To Eliminate Body Odor

There are some natural processes of the body that you just can’t fight or make them stop. Sweating is one of those processes, which you just want to eliminate or make it disappear, but the struggle is hopeless.

Regardless of the great amounts of cosmetic products, antiperspirants and deodorants, you can’t stop the armpits from sweating. And why should you?

Sweating is a natural process which indicates that your body is healthy and cleansed from all the toxins and bacteria in your body. In fact, the bacteria are the ones responsible for the occasional odor.

There are many sweat glands in our body, and because the armpits have the most active sweat glands, the result we get is greater amount of sweat in our armpits.

However, sweating is good. Sweating means that our body is protected from overheating or toxic materials. So, whenever we are doing some physical activity or during the hot, scorching days, our body produces a great amount of sweat.

In a way, our body is fighting with the heat and the changes of temperatures and adapts us to the outdoor influences. So, when the sweat particles are being released from our body, our body is accustomed to nature and its changes. Otherwise, we’ll end up with plenty of harmful fluids which will be accumulated in our body.

Knowing all this, we still try to get rid of the sweat and especially from the odor. Besides the toxins and bacteria, our sweat also contains a great amount of protein and fatty acids, hence the marks on our clothes.

So, instead of trying to get rid of sweating, we should embrace the fact that our body is only responding to the changes, in a good way and we should genuinely consider why our sweat is smelly in our case and why some people don’t smell at all.

Possible reasons for smelly sweat

1.Your diet– If your diet is far from healthy, meaning your intake of unhealthy ingredients is pretty high, then your sweat is likely to be smelly. If you’re eating take-out regularly or you are a bit of a sweet tooth, then you may want to consider replacing your regular chocolate snacks with a healthy salad or delicious fruit instead.

2. Great amount of stress– I’m sure you’ve all noticed that when put in stressful situations, our bodies tend to sweat a lot. So, if most of your working days are stressful and dynamic, you’ll end up having huge round circles on your clothes.

3. Use of cosmetic products– If you are using cosmetic products excessively, your body will try to fight back the chemicals in their content and instead of smelling nice and clean, you’ll get the opposite effect.

4. Holding back the fluids- If you can’t find the time to go to the toilet regularly, your body will find other ways to throw away the excessive amount of fluids. Holding back the urine can cause damage to your bladder and you may intoxicate your body with bacteria.

5. Certain materials– If your favorite blouse or sweater is made out of polyester or other materials which are far from cotton, your body will find its way to tell you that your blouse is not the best choice for you. Replace your polyester clothes with some cotton shirts and T-shirts. They soak the sweat and prevent the production of excessive sweat.

Ways to Fight Smelly Armpits

You can’t just stand there and ignore the sweating. For most parts, it’s unpleasant, embarrassing and inconvenient and you end up going to a party and never taking off the blazer, because your shirt already has sweat marks on it.

Don’t just ignore the fact that you’re sweating a lot, but try to make some changes and get rid of the odor and the excessive sweat. Deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum, which has been proven to cause breast cancer.

And in most of the cases, you’re just sugar-coating your sweat instead of finding a proper solution. Deodorants and antiperspirants block the sweating and most of the time, you smell on deodorant mixed with sweat and there’s nothing more repellant and unhealthy than that.

Use Mother Nature in your Favor

Replace your deodorant and antiperspirant with lime.Shocking as it may sound, limes will help you much more than deodorant will ever do.

Find some fresh limes in your nearest grocery shop, cut one lime in half and rub it on your armpits. Limes will help you get rid of the unpleasant odor and keep your skin clean and healthy.

Don’t worry if your skin brightens a bit from the lime, it’s just a natural reaction to the acidity which the lime contains. Your skin will return to its natural color in no time. Due to its antibacterial properties, limes can be your own personal deodorant. Limes fight the odor, reduce the sweating and don’t cause any side-effects which may put your health in jeopardy.

Remember: Sweating is a natural process which helps you get rid of toxins and bacteria, use limes to help you get deal with this process and enjoy your days, without worrying whether or not you smell or have circles around your armpits.


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