Why Is My Baby Spitting Up? 4 Common Causes Of This Condition

For first time moms, there are some instances that you may feel scared about the things that are happening to your baby. When she cries, you are not sure of the reason why or whenever she feels fussy, you may wonder what’s wrong with her.

Believe it or not, every mom feels the same way. Of course, since our babies are too young and fragile, we get scared at the slightest discomfort they feel.

However, there are things your child may experience that is normal. For one, when a baby spits up, you may feel worried because it looks like as if she’s vomiting her milk. Many newborns experience this, and it’ll last for the next four months, depending on your baby’s development.

To help you feel less worried, here are the four most common causes of spitting up in infants.

  1. Gastrointestinal Reflux

Spitting up is common among babies. In fact, about half of infants experience spitting up during their first three months of life. Gastrointestinal reflux or infant acid reflux is a condition wherein the stomach contents come back into the esophagus, and eventually out of your baby’s mouth.

Since the digestive system of your baby is immature and the esophageal sphincter is still underdeveloped, most young babies spit up. Don’t worry, this is just normal, and it’s more of a laundry problem than an illness.

  1. Overfeeding And Over Supply Of Milk

When your baby eats too much, there is an increased risk of spitting up. Also, when you have an oversupply of milk, your baby might feed very aggressively. As a result, her small stomach can’t handle all the milk she’d gulped down. She may spit up after feeding, especially if she wasn’t burped properly.

  1. Baby Feeds Fast And Aggressively

Babies often spit up when they ingest too much milk too fast. It happens when your little one feeds very quickly and forcibly. Sometimes, it happens when your breasts are full and engorged.

  1. Baby Swallows Too Much Air

Improper latching position and when the baby goes on and off your breast, she may take more air. When she takes too much air, there is a tendency that she will spit after feeding.

Make sure your baby is positioned correctly during feeding. You can start by placing your child on one side and toward your breasts. The most helpful tip is to make sure your baby’s body is facing your chest. You can use a nursing pillow to help minimize back pain.

When your baby is spitting up every after feeding, you may become worried. However, it’s more of a laundry problem than a critical condition. It’s just normal for newborns up to four months old. When her muscles become mature enough to hold in milk, her bouts of spitting up will decrease. Once she starts to sit upright, with or without support, this will never become your problem again.

Bio: “My name is Stacy Belk, the owner of Mom Woot. I am a mom-of-two and a nurse. My experiences as a mom and a nurse allowed me to discuss various topics concerning your baby and his health.


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