The Best Anti-Aging Foods For Your Skin

Fruits with bright colours should be often present on your menu. Foods that have large quantities of antioxidants slows down the unstoppable aging process in the body that according to dr Nicholas Perricone is called “intracellular inflammation”. Because of this inflammation, as this famous dermatologist claims, cells can’t function as they should, don’t make enough energy and can’t absorb nutrients.

The long term effect of this process are wrinkles, and other signs are damages on other organs – like first signs of senility and arteriosclerosis.The most effective foods to help skin to stop that process are all berries – strawberries, blueberries, red berries…

”Ideally we should include fruits in all 5 meals during the day, and fruit with bright colours is a sure sign that they have a lot of antioxidants.” says dr Perricone. He also recommends fish from “cold seas” and olive oil. On his “positive” list are yogurt and kefir, and on the negative – the usual stress factors for the skin as smoking and excessive sun exposure

These are the best 10 foods with anti – aging effect.

1. Blueberries –  And other berries, are well known by their anti aging effect. Rich with vitamin C which is good for circulation and gives the body minerals. Ingredients in blueberries protect the body from oxidative stress and development of memory and motoric disease

2. Oranges – Best source of vitamin C are citrus fruits, especially oranges and kiwi. Their ingredients help in producing collagen in the skin and neutralize the influence of free radicals in the body.

3. Watermelon –To have healthy skin it’s very important to hydrate,especially the consumption of foods rich in water. Nutritionally rich with water are  watermelon, cucumbers, apples, melon and celery, stops the wrinkles and makes the  skin have a soft and healthy look.

4. Avocado – Avocado is rich in vitamin E – prevents wrinkles and it’s great for soft skin. Monounsaturated fatty acids  help in lowering the cholesterol level in blood, along with  avocado, they are found in nuts and olives too.


5. Tomatoes – Veggies like tomatoes and carrots have phytonutrients and antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals, and beta carotene and lycopene which protect it from negative influence of sun.

6. Fish – Healthy Omega 3 acids help in maintaining normal levels of cholesterol in blood and protects the heart. Omega 3 protects from sunburns, but also reduces the damages from low produce of collagen. Omega 3 acids are also found in lenen seed and oil.

 7. Chicken – Chicken is rich with Zn and Se, minerals important for production of skin collagen, and protection from free radicals. Dermatologic studies show that more wrinkles appear on women taking little quantities of proteins in their diet. Proteins help in production of collagen, so it’s recommended to eat chicken, fish, whites (from egg), and tofu.


8. Spinach – Green veggies with leaves like spinach have carotenoids – boosting digestion and folic acid which help in producing new cells..

9. Cabbage and Broccoli – Too, are detox – foods. Lower the quantity of poison in the blood and organism.

10. Yogurt – Is rich with minerals, Ca, K, proteins and vitamins B
Useful bacteria and probiotics found in yogurt balance the immune system and digestion..