The Best And Fastest Way To A Flat Stomach After Pregnancy

When you found out that you were pregnant, you can’t help but document how your tummy grew every day, knowing your baby is also growing inside. You ate everything healthy, avoided poisoning and endured those incessant pains of asking, “What does morning sickness feel like?” just to see your baby born and glowing.

Now that your little munchkin is out of your tummy, you also wanted that baby fats out – fast. So, how can you flatten your stomach for good in the best and fastest way? Here are ways to rid of those bulging skin quickly and safely.

  1. Breastfeeding your baby do you good

You’ve heard of the benefits of breastfeeding to babies like the breast milk gives your child the nutrients he needs to develop his brain and organs as well as fight germ and toxins inside his body. But don’t you know it lets mothers lose weight fast? You’ve heard that one, right. Breastfeeding releases a hormone called oxytocin which allows your uterus return to its pre-natal state.

  1. Spa slimming and contouring 

Do you want the fastest way to a flat stomach after pregnancy? If you have extra money, you can enlist yourself in a spa and choose an array of non-invasive slimming or contouring services like body wraps, detox cleanses, or slimming coffee scrub. Please note that you have to ask your doctor first if you can undergo other procedures.

  1. Eat healthy snacks

Try eating vegetables and fruits and see your body transform. Eating these important food groups will lessen your bloating and constipation – not to mention, your weight as well. If you packed yourself with fiber and oats, you could easily have your stomach full without eating too much foodstuff. Besides fiber letting you feel full in a shorter time, it also helps your bowel movements.

And remember, try limiting your sugar and salt intake. Sugar causes inflammation of the body while salt increases the water retention.

 Move as much as possible 

It’s hard to walk around after giving birth to your child, but you must not give up to the craving of lying down on your bed all the time. Try walking, cleaning the house, or do some yoga and stretching techniques to balance your weight. 

  1. Buy yourself a girdle

The best postpartum girdles are those items a mother can have to reshape her body. It is another method for those mothers who do not have a lot of time taking care of their bodies due to caring for the child or going back to work. Like a corset, it trains you not to overeat during meals. 

  1. Exercise moderately after six weeks

About a month and a half after your postpartum, you can now exercise to your extent. Don’t strain yourself if you can’t do it. Mommies who have undergone caesarean section should avoid strenuous activities for two to three month. 

  1. Take six to eight hours of sleep 

Fewer blinks can lead to higher mass body index because your body changes your hormones, especially cortisol, that keeps up your staying awake at night. These hormones alter your appetite, wanting you to eat more at a time when you should not have. 

  1. Try mixing your meals every day 

If you stick to one type of meal whether that be for breakfast, lunch or dinner, your body will be used to it and will slow down your metabolism. Try mixing your food and get your body confused. That will wake it up and perks your metabolism. 

  1. Back to basics

Don’t skip meals. Ever. Chances are, you’ll get hungry by the next hour, and you’ll be eating more than the usual. You can have a small, complete set of a meal in a day and have light two snacks with you in the morning and afternoon. Cutting out meals slows your diet down by 20 to 30 percent.

  1. Have some help from other mommies!

Find it too hard to do it on your own? Contact online or group support with other mothers who want to flatten their stomach after pregnancy. There you’ll have more tips, support and assistance you can ever need. Ask your ob-gyn if there’s a group near you. 

Everybody knows all mothers are too eager to have their bodies back after birth. The process isn’t quick and easy, but if you persevere and follow some of the tips stated above, you can get your shape back. What’s the fastest way to a flat stomach after pregnancy? Just have the determination to do it.

Author Bio: 

Sarah Clark is the woman behind GiantMommy who provides parents and expecting mothers that ‘eureka’ moment in their lives when dealing with pregnancy and babies. When she’s not writing her blog, you can find her playing with her baby or cooking and reading magazines. You can get all your practical guides at her site or maybe form a community of mommies there!

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