Best Nutrition Tips For Weight Loss (VIDEO)

First of all we need to check your eating and drinking style. We need to get to know you in order to help you!

Our today’s participant Meghan is giving answers to BFS nutritionist Jennifer Cassetta about these important questions:

  • Are you in the habit of smoking? What about other addictions you might have? Do you drink alcohol? Is it an issue for you?
  • What percentage of your daily food is home-cooked versus going out?
  • Where do you get your food supplies? At restaurant spots? At convenient stores? At seven-Eleven? At gas stations? Do you have your meals from Subway? Deli maybe? How do you start your day?

Your current weight problems may stem from your pregnancy period, so you need to get back on track.

  • What do you eat from the moment you wake up on a typical day?
  • Do you skip breakfast or have it? If you have it, what does your breakfast consist of? When do you have it? Early in the morning or late in the morning?
  • What about lunch?

Jenn already notices Meghan’s WRONG eating pattern: she says it is the same pattern that all overweight people coming to her fit into. At this point Jenn has some pointers for Meghan:
She should start drinking water, stop drinking diet soda and set a weight loss goal that is inspiring.

It seems that Meghan is fond of cream cheese, munches, turkey sandwiches and a lot of other take-away foods. She is also into juices on the go… Jenn suggests that fresh juices are the alternative for Meghan, especially for the length of time she is doing the weight loss program.Watch the video :