Broccoli And Tomatoes Combination Creates Anti-Cancer Superpower

Most of the available studies that showcase the effects broccoli alone has on cancerous growths and tumors connect these effects with the compound sulforaphane. It is a molecule within the isothiocyanate group of organosulfur compounds.

These studies also found that the valuable sulforaphane molecule effectively fights cancer cells while not damaging surrounding healthy tissues. Another scientific truth is that the compound lycopene, found in tomatoes among other foods, is a great fighter against life-threatening illnesses. Lycopene is an important intermediate in the biosynthesis of many carotenoids, including beta carotene.

However, in our focus here is a certain study brought out by the Journal of Cancer Research which reveals that these two compounds combined together in a single meal turn into an anti-cancerous giant!  

John Erdman, University of Illinois Food Science and Human Nutrition Professor, who conducted the study, said that eating tomatoes and broccoli together creates an additive effect. His exact explanation is this: “We think it is because different bio-active compounds in each food work on different anti-cancer pathways.”

As it is usually done in scientific work, John Erdman and his associates conducted their research on laboratory rats, infecting them with prostate cancer cells. Then the rats were divided into several testing groups and each group was fed with various diets.

One group was fed with 10 percent tomato powder and 10 percent broccoli powder at the same time, while others were given only 10 percent tomato powder or only 10 percent broccoli powder. There were also two more tested groups: one group was given lycopene only and the other group was given the prostate drug finasteride.

Can you guess what the outcome was? Well, the last group that was treated with finasteride was castrated! Solely the group of rats which received both broccoli and tomato powders experienced the greatest benefit.

Their prostate tumors shrunk significantly more compared with the other tested groups. The same health benefit for men diseased with prostate cancer can be gained if there are about 1.4 cups of raw broccoli and 2.5 cups of fresh tomatoes on their daily menu, researchers say.

What are the American Cancer Society’s prognoses about prostate cancer occurrence?

“About one out of six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime, “was announced by the American Cancer Society. And about 1 man out of 36 men will die of this type of cancer!

According to the Society’s records, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. It is only surpassed by lung cancer! Quite devastating, right?

Maybe early detection of prostate cancer will save your life, yet this suggested dietary forestallment is the best investment in your healthy future. Especially because foods like broccoli and tomatoes are far more affordable than cancer treatment.

So, keep in mind that this broccoli-tomato combination will keep you safe from prostate cancer and treat you successfully if you already suffer from the disease.

Moreover, since it is a healthy diet, it will reap health benefits for you when you are affected with many other ailments as well. This kind of healthcare is the sort you need to take by yourself. Don’t delay your healthful meals any longer because you will thank yourself later.

Spread the word about this scientific study among your friends who are in need.  They won’t likely get a prescription from their doctor to the farmer’s market, so you are the one who might save their life.

Source: The Journal of Cancer Research

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