How to build a BMX bike

Doing tricks with the bike is a craze for youngsters. It is really enjoyable to see the tricks. With a BMX bike, these tricks can be done smoothly. This bike is very popular for different kinds of tricks and racing. You will find kinds of BMX bike and every kind has a different use. You can use a BMX bike for the street race, off-road race, stunt and many more tricks. The bikes are made from different materials and design. For kids, this bike is just perfect and they can start their first ride with this bike. Because this bike endures every kind of rough and tough ride. The best thing about this bike is you can customize this bike in the way you want. Here I will talk about how to build a BMX bike.

A custom-built BMX bike is special to its owner’s likings. Like for a tall rider, a long top tube is preferable. If you are a street rider, you can customize your bike with nose stuff and manual. The best part is you can build a cheap but high in quality bike easily.

So, let’s know the process:

  •    Things you need to build the bike:

The essential bike parts:

– Frame

– Cleft

– Handlebars

– Branch

– Headset

– Clutches

– Cranks

– Cog

– Pedals

– Chain

– The front wheel that has a front rim, hub, nipples, and spokes with a forward-facing tire.

– Rear wheel that contains a rear hub, rim, spokes and nipples with a rear tire.

– Seat

– Seat pole

– Seat post clamp

Optional extra parts:

– Pegs: 2, 3 or 4 that made of chromoly or Plastic.

– Handbrakes.


  •    Making a frame by adjusting the height. Here is the size chart:
  1.    4’9″ to 5’2″ prefers 18 to 19.5″ top tube frame.
  2.    5’2″to 5’5″ likes 20 to 20.5″ top tube frame.
  3.    5’6″ to 6′ likes 20.5 to 21″ top tube frame.
  •    Front parts of bike forks, stem and bars. You can combine them with one Brand Company and design your bike. If you want to use mixed brands parts, you can also do that. But make sure you select the best parts for your bike.
  •    The headset of your bike.  If your bike frame has a combined head tube, then you need a combined headset. For an example – if your bike owns a standard size head tube 1-1/8 inch than you will need a 1-1/8-inch headset. This will help you to keep the balance properly of your bike.
  •    Now the parts that are bottom bracket, pedals, spindle, and cranks. You have to choose the pedal on the base of cranks. And the cranks, spindles, bottom bracket and BB shell are fully dependent on one another. So, you have to choose the perfect ones.
  •    For the bike, you will need seat and post. The seats are 2 types and the seat posts are 3 types. Fundamental Seats are the hot seat in recent BMX. The seats are easy to adjust and maintain. The bike seats are slamable. The pivotal seat posts are connected with the seat by a 6mm Allen bolt, the thread can be put in the hole of the seat post. There are some seats with rails can be used in posts with guts and micro adjust. The pivots are slamable. And the micro adjusts posts are accustomed to 2.5 mm bolts. You can use any brands.

  •    Let’s focus on the tires set. The best size of the tire is 20×1.95 and it is suitable for any size. The best ones are that works for park, dirt, and street. For a smoother ride on the street, you can go for a tubbier tire with the sizes 20×2.0, 20×2.25, and 20×2.3. To ride on the dirt, you have to use the knobbier tire. If you want to ride in style then pick the skinny tire 20×1/8 size and if you want a trail digger ride than choosing 20×1.75-20×2.0. Your ride on dirt will be best.  If you want to ride on the park with smooth ride than going for a grippy bike tire.
  •    The Rim sets are mainly designed for non-race and they are 20x 1.75 rims.  These rims are well matchable with a tire size of 20×1.75-20×2.5. The rims that are straight are matchable with the brakes, the chrome rims are best for brake control.  The round rims help to roll less as they are aero-dynamic. The round or aero rims are best for the riders who ride brakeless. But you have to keep the rim tight with any types of spokes. For BMX bike, the dual rims are the best and useful for their light weight and strong feature.
  •    In hubs, the freewheels and cassettes are the popular rear hub. Cassettes go from the 8 tooth to 20 tooth range and freewheels has ranged from 13 teeth to 20 teeth. There is another BMX hub that is free coasters. They look like cassettes, but when you use it there is no sound and when it goes back then no need to work with pedals.
  •    Sprockets are used on the spindles side where the hub is on. If there is 22m bore than the adapters are 19mm if they have 5/16 bore than it will come with both size adapters. You have to pick the light size sprocket for best size


These are the items you need to build a perfect BMX bike for you. Seek help from an expert or there are tons of videos on YouTube that will help you in how to build a BMX bikes. Trust me when you will build one, you will enjoy the smoothest ride in your life with it.  

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