How can cardio machines help to make your body fit?

Many of them who are seeking to lose weight may look forward to more cardio. This is solely because cardio exercises can burn excessive calories and help you maintain your body. In fact studies have proved that cardio is arguably the best exercise for weight loss.

There are a number of exercises that can help burn calories like swimming, weight lifting but cardio is the most effective way to do so. A study carried out by Duke University suggested that cardio has the ability to burn 67% more calories than resistance training.

The word cardio is the short term for ‘cardiovascular’ which is a name given to circulatory system that consists of heart and blood vessels. Nevertheless, using cardio machines can offer you benefits beyond weight loss as well. From reducing stress to promoting focus, it has got all.

Why go for cardio?

The main objective of cardio exercise is to enhance efficiency of respiratory and circulatory system and make our heart and lungs function in a better manner. Increasing cardio means increasing your heart rate to your target heart rate zone which further contributes to your circulatory system.

Getting started with cardio in your workout routine is one of the best thing you can do. It is any form of exercise that elevates your heart rate and breathing rate higher than the norm. This is where American College of Sports Medicine recommended what a healthy adult should do:

  • Adults should perform at least 150 minutes of cardio exercise on weekly basis.
  • Increase the level and intensity of your exercise as you progress.

Cardio are exercise are an absolute means of maintaining healthy heart. Using machines and equipment like punching bag, rowing machines, air bike and treadmill can get you the benefits that every gymnast can imagine.

Only 30 minutes of cardio exercise can strengthen your heart and protect you from illnesses related to heart. It is even associated with improving brain functions.

Insomnia is increasingly becoming common. In fact, more than 30% of population suffers from it. One out of three people suffer some form of it once during their lifetime. This is where cardio exercise come in handy. By doing cardio 3-4 times a week, you can enjoy a restful sleep. Studies suggest that it can make you fall asleep 54% faster. Insomnia is also related to depression. Cardio proves to be a more effective remedy than medication to alleviate depression which is quite surprising.

From reducing belly fat to improving heart health and improving brain function to bone health, cardio machines can help you stay fit. There is a variety of cardio machines available in the market that one can purchase to enjoy the benefits. is where you can get a detailed idea of it but from a general perspective, machines enhances your overall performance but that doesn’t mean you need to get completely dependent on it. Running 45 minutes per day can do the job as well.

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