6 Reasons Why Castile Soap Is A MUST And 10 Genius Ways To Use It


The importance of soap in maintaining personal hygiene is unquestionable.It is our selection of this essential daily requisite that matters greatly.

You may have heard the saying “Do not put on your skin what you cannot eat”. It may sound strange at first, but it is the real truth that applies to all beauty and personal care products.

Our body has the natural filters to eliminate toxic materials when ingested, but when they are applied to the skin, 60 percent of them go directly into our bloodstream. We may take very good care of our nutrition, making certain that we eat whole and natural types of food, but our efforts will be in vain if we cover the biggest organ of our body with harmful substances on a daily basis.

Did you know that 30 percent of adult population and 40 percent of infants in the U.S. suffer from different types of allergy and asthma? According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, allergies represent the fifth main chronic illness in the whole country.   

Regular exposure to different chemicals is surely one of the reasons why allergies are on the rise among people of all ages.

What dangers are lurking in many of the personal care products that are offered on the market?

Many of them contain chemicals that can disturb our hormonal status, trigger allergies, disrupt our reproductive system and even lead to cancerous changes in the cells when used on a regular basis.

So which commonly used soap ingredients are particularly hazardous for our health?


If you believe that antibacterial soap is the right thing to improve your hygiene, we strongly advise you to think twice about it. Namely, triclosan is a sort of a pesticide that is added to soap for its antibacterial properties. It can also be found in numerous skin care products.

According to scientific findings, this chemical agent actually promotes the spreading of hard-to-kill types of bacteria.  Another dangerous ability of triclosan is that it produces a carcinogenic substance dioxin that disrupts the hormones and negatively affects the thyroid gland. Tests have revealed high amounts of this toxin in human breast milk.


Our body recognizes these chemical substances as estrogen, since they mimic the effect of this hormone. This can cause abnormal changes in our system, including reduction of muscle mass, accumulation of fat in the body, occurrence of early puberty signs and reproductive problems in both man and women.  

Sulfates like sodium lauryl sufate and sodium laureth sulfate

These are substances that create foam and bubbles. They greatly irritate the skin, triggering allergies and eczema in people with sensitive skin. They also harshly remove the natural oils and damage the surface of the skin.


Companies are not required to disclose the exact substances used to create a particular fragrance, which can hide many dangers. Fragrances can contain cancerous additives that disrupt the nervous system and cause allergies, severe headaches and even asthma.

So, how can we keep our body clean without exposing it to toxic chemicals?

There are some amazing natural personal care products that nourish the skin and save the budget. Castile soap is one of them.

What is castile soap and how is it made?


Its name comes from the area in Spain called Castile, where it was probably first produced. It is vegetable oil based soap that is made from three basic ingredients: vegetable oil, mostly from jojoba,coconut oil, olive oil,  palm oil,and hemp, water, and essential oils. Sometimes other natural substances are added to it for additional hydration and skin care properties, like aloe Vera.

Only natural and harmless preservatives are used in its production, like rosemary extract, vitamin E and citric acid. Most of the time, these substances are organic, free of GMO and have not been tested on animals.

What are some important characteristics of castile soap?

  • No harmful chemical substances are used in the production of the pure original castile soap.
  • It does not boost the growth of resistant bacteria
  • It foams easily with less water since it is high in natural oils
  • It is a perfectly mild and safe cleaning product for babies and pets
  • It takes care of the environment, being biodegradable and free of dangerous chemicals
  • Castile soap can be used in a multitude of ways and save your budget


Here are some of the amazing uses of castile soap

  • Face, hand and body wash for sensitive skin. It will leave your skin impeccably cleansed and nourished at the same time.
  • Creamy and gentle shampoo. Combine it with coconut milk to obtain a nourishing and gently cleansing formula for hair and scalp.  
  • Shaving cream for man and women. A mixture of castile soap with raw honey and avocado oil will give you an enjoyable shave that does not irritate your skin.
  • Bubble bath. A combination of castile soap with some essential oils and vegetable glycerin will leave your skin remarkably soft and naturally fragrant.
  • Toothpaste. This may seem surprising, but a DYI toothpaste made from peppermint castile soap, coconut oil, Stevia and essential oils of your preference will effectively clean and refresh your mouth and teeth.
  • Fruit and vegetable pesticide remover. Scrub your produce gently with some castile soap mixed with little water and remove all traces of harmful pesticides from them.
  • Dish soap and dishwasher detergent.   Clean your dishes impeccably with this homemade, perfectly foamy mixture of castile soap, water, baking soda and white vinegar rinse for a perfect shine.
  • Laundry detergent.  Your clothes will be left perfectly clean and spotless when washed with a homemade mixture of castile soap, essential oil, washing soda and borax.
  •  Multi-purpose household cleaner. Why spend funds on costly and harmful cleaning products when you can easily make your own cleaning spray by mixing castile soap with water and tea tree oil? This mixture has the ability to bind dust and dirt particles, wiping away unclean spots from all kinds of surfaces. Wiping the windows and glass areas with some white vinegar afterwards will leave them impeccably clean and shiny.

As customers, we are entitled to know exactly what ingredients we put on our skin. We deserve the best quality products and should not settle for anything less.

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