shalabhasana exercise for back pain

This Single Exercise Is Enough To Get Rid Of Back Pain...

The exercise we suggest below is called the locust pose (also called shalabhasana in the yoga vocabulary) since it involves locust-like movements and it helps you stretch and tone the sore points on your back as well as other muscles on your body.

Your Bottled Water Is Filled With Fluoride! Learn What Brands To...

It may seem that drinking from a bottle is highly hygienic and economical, however the truth is far from that, especially if we take into consideration the environmental factor.

Top 9 Warning Signs Of High Blood Pressure That You Shouldn’t...

Elevated blood pressure means that the heart and the blood vessels are under a bigger amount of strain than they should be normally. This condition increases the risk of having a heart attack and/or stroke, kidney disorders and dementia.

How To Practice Shiatsu To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Shiatsu is a Japanese-invented bodywork that has been long in use to reduce the symptoms of conditions such as distress and anxiety...

Top 7 Money–Saving Ways To Whiten Teeth At Home

There are ways of whitening our teeth that don’t involve running to our dentist’s office or using hard chemicals on our teeth.

11 Tips How To Keep Your Lungs Strong And Healthy

The recipe is very simple and easy: just find a relaxing and noise free location. In a seated position with your eyes closed, slowly inhale through the nose, counting to five.

Warning: Statins Don’t Lower Cholesterol BUT Increase The Risk Of Cancer...

Statins are classified as drugs or medications that are prescribed by doctors to people suffering from bad cholesterol in their blood.

Here Is How To Heal Your Knee and Improve Joint Strength...

According to Modern Reflexology, massage can greatly alleviate the knee pain by releasing the build-up of calcium in the tissue.

11 Warning Signs That You Have Poor Blood Circulation

Here are the most common symptoms of low blood circulation:
stretches before bed

The No.1 Stretch To Do Before Bed That Will Finally Let...

This stretch before bed will only take TWO minutes of your time- one minute on each side.