Healthy Food & Nutritions

Healthy Food & Nutritions


How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair – Benefits And Recipes

Use the coconut oil for hair as a natural ‘shampoo’ to help your dull hair grow longer, thicker, and faster...

Things You Can Do with Lemon Peels and Juice

The plentiful amount of vitamin C in lemons alone provides a good reason to keep a steady supply of lemons at hand. These yellow citrus fruits also contain other antioxidants, known as flavonoids, which may play a beneficial role in fighting cancer, heart disease, and inflammation
Avocado – Coconut Milk Ice Cream

How To Make Delicious And Easy Avocado–Coconut Milk Ice Cream RECIPE

Whether on a diet or not, the intake of healthy fats is crucial for the well-being of our whole organism, such as healthy skin, nails, hair, hormone balance, energy fuse etc. So whenever you are overloaded with stress, withered by your low-fat diet, this recipe would give you the energy and the fuel to seize the day.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Using Baking Soda

Most of you probably have 1 box of baking soda in your home right now. If you're like many Americans, you might have 1...

7 Easy Everyday Drinks That Fight Inflammation

The following are suggested drinks that you can easily buy at your favorite stores. Instead of picking drinks that are high in sugar and fat

How To Make Delicious Homemade Blackberry Jam

How to make your homemade blackberry jam-The process of making your own jam is relatively easy and simple, don`t worry if you haven`t made canned fruits before, it`s a piece of cake, you may not love it, but you will for sure do it.

How To Make Your Own Organic Pumpkin Spice And Never Look...

Pumpkin spice recipes are not only all-natural, but also they are far tastier than chemicals they pump up into those lattes. And the best thing is that you don't have to wait around for it to be in season!

The Best Superfoods For Eye Health

When it comes to maintaining eye health, many people assume that taking vision supplements is the only way to go.  While taking eye health...

6 Ideas for Fitness-Friendly Snacks

Those of us who work out on regular basis and have a special meal plan in mind, always find it difficult to pick a...

Top 11 Artery-Cleansing SUPER Foods

You can cleanse your arteries in a healthy yet delicious way. Just do what Megan Madden, a registered dietitian in New York, tells you to do – Use thin slices of avocado instead of mayonnaise on your sandwich or toast and you’ll feel the difference.