Choose An Eye And See What It Reveals About You – This Personality Test Is Scarily Accurate !

New studies prove that the eyes, as most believe, answer everything. In the study hailing from Cornell University, neuroscientists believe that our faces govern certain expressions depending on varying emotional situations. 

“These opposing functions of eye widening and narrowing, which mirror that of pupil dilation and constriction might be the primitive origins for the expressive capacity of the face,” said study author Adam Anderson, via a press release.

“And these actions are not likely restricted to disgust and fear, as we know that these movements play a large part in how perhaps all expressions differ, including surprise, anger and even happiness.” Anderson believes that facial expressions are not just limited to social interactions and situations, and the facial expressions, alongside emotions, can adapt and react to the environment as well.

The eyes are not only the window to the soul, but a key component in the evolution of emotions. When we are afraid, our eyes become wide, and when we’re angry or disgusted our eyes tend to squint. Have you ever noticed this? Nonverbal body language tells more truth than words do!

You can tell a lot about a person’s life and their personal traits by their eyes. On the other side, they may also say a lot about you as well. Take a sneak peek at the images given. Do not stand aside: just pick the eye that seems to draw you in the most.

Now, let’s discern what your choice tells about your personality!


You are drawn to eye no.1:

You’re the open, kind spirit. You welcome everyone into your life no matter how it comes: whether it walks, slithers or crawls. You’d rather take risks and get hurt than keep yourself locked away. Helping others is a high priority for you.

You are drawn to eye no.2:

You’re the assiduous one. You’re always looking to do the right thing for your community and the world. You know your actions make a difference, even if they’re on a small scale. You believe that being proactive is the “rent” you pay for living on this star planet.

You are drawn to eye no.3:

You’re the troubled one. Your past was likely unrestrained, so still impacts your life today. You might feel like life is a practical joke being played on you and you struggle to come to terms with this. Despite this, you’re capable of picking yourself up when you stumble and fall and can have a sunny disposition. You’re a beacon in a demon-haunted world.

You are drawn to eye no.4:

You’re the wizard. Just like philosophers, you look for deeper meaning in things or beneath the “silver lining”, but are still comforted when something can be taken at face value. You’re confident in your ability to solve the puzzles of this life. You may not figure it all out, but that’s the challenge, isn’t it?

You are drawn to eye no.5:

You’re the enigmatic type. You haven’t figured yourself out yet, which makes you fairly shadowy to the people around you. You don’t mince words, you like to talk straight. You don’t speak unless you’re positive of what you say.

You are drawn to eye no.6:

You’re more of a sensitive, thoughtful person. You pay attention to small details and rarely forget anything, even if it’s something silly or pointless. You’re quite weak and uncertain, but you never show it. You have a strong intuition and often are the first to feel trouble coming.

You are drawn to eye no.7:

You’re a fiery, action spirit. You’re energetic, passionate, and perfect for “steering” roles. You are very opinionated, too. And you’re definitely thrilled for high stakes.

You are drawn to eye no.8:

You’re the “looney” one. You have unusual interests, practices and beliefs. You were probably called a “weirdo” at your tender age. Don’t sweat it, these may seem like insults but they’re what make you one of a kind. You laugh off tradition and never conform – you are the maverick type!

You are drawn to eye no.9:

You’re the intuitive one. You understand people, cultures, and even the whole world well. You can read people like a poem and know when you’re being lied to by them. Your every action is measured and you don’t manipulate easily. At the same time, you can play puppet master well, though we don’t recommend that kind of behavior at all.