Choose The Best Raw Food Diet For You!

Does “the best raw food diet” actually exist? Are you worried about eating too much fat, too much fruit, too much juice, too many sprouts…?

Let’s explore the basic types of raw foods and diets before you pick your favourite.

Do you know who is: Fruitarian?

You got it, someone who consumes mostly fruits!Fruitarians maintain a diet of raw fruits, typically including the non-sweet varieties such as cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados.Fruitarians are convinced that this is the best raw food diet because it is the most natural to humans. Also, fruit is harvested without killing the plant and so extremely sustainable


Someone who consumes mostly fresh fruit and vegetable juices!Juices are, indeed, unbeatable for removing toxins.


Someone who consumesmostly sprouts!Sproutarians believe that the best raw food diet must be based on sprouts, because these are rich in vitamins, nutrients and energy. Seeds contain all of the things that a plant needs for it grow (carbohydrates, protein etc.). When the seed sprouts it fills up with active amino acids and myriad of other elements that provide nourishment to the plant. Sprouts are a fantastic addition to your raw food diet.

All of these diets are extremely cleansing and fantastic for short-term detoxification. However, difficult to sustain and perhaps detrimental to health causing nutritional deficiencies in the long-term.

This was just to illustrate that there are many subcategories of raw food diets and beliefs.

Why so many?

Because not all raw food is created equal!This may cause confusion, particularly when you are starting out on the raw food.
Some people can be on raw foods for some time without experiencing all of the amazing benefits this diet has to offer and for the whole world cannot figure out why.There can be various reasons for this – too much fat, too much sugar, raw foods of insufficient quality etc.

What to do?

1. Decide on what your goal on the raw food diet is
2. Choose the foods to eat according to your decision in Step 1.
3. Explore and use recipes based on Step 2.

Here are 3 basic categories of raw food diets to help you follow this simple process:

“Indulgent” raw food diet

Raw food desserts or recipes such as raw cakes or ice-creams. Usually these are heavily nut based and significant amounts of sugars are added in the form of dried fruit and/or honey and agave syrup.
Heaven for the taste buds, but can’t be enjoyed all day long for the optimum nourishment of your body!

“Beginner” raw food diet
Includes greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds but does not pay attention to food combining.
I call it “beginner” but a lot of raw-foodists have lived on this type of raw diet for years – quite successfully.

“Intermediate” raw food diet

Includes greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and does pay attention to food combining (i.e. sugar, proteins and starches are not combined; vegetables combine nicely with all foods) for optimal digestion of food and absorption of nutrients.
I call it “intermediate” raw food diet but a lot of raw-foodists have lived on this type of raw diet for years – very successfully.

“Advanced” raw food diet
This diet follows food combining rules and has two main types:
a/ focus on carbohydrates (sugar, fruit) – i.e. 80/10/10
b/ focus on vegetables, sprouts, sea vegetables and the like
Nuts and seeds are used in small amounts in both of these diets.

“Healing” raw food diet

This diet takes advantage of living foods (think sprouts etc.), superfoods (think wheatgrass, goji berries etc.), healing herbs and medicinal spices.

The categories do overlap and there is something for you in each category. To get the most out of your raw food diet you might want to
– stay in the “advanced” zone in your day to day life
– take advantage of the “healing” foods to take your diet a step further
– sometimes enjoy meals from the “beginner” category (for example if you go to a raw food restaurant)
– properly indulge yourself in one of the amazing desserts from time to time

These are very general guidelines only, you can play around with your raw food diet to your hearts content, especially as you become more in tune with your body over time.

You still haven’t told me what the best raw food diet is!
Well, as plants differ and humans differ, opinions on the “best raw food diet” differ too – check out what some of the raw food gurus viewpoints are:
– Low-fat Raw Diet by Frederic Patenaude
– 80/10/10 by Dr. Doug Graham
– Eating for Energy by Yuri Elkaim
– High Raw by Kevin Gianni
– Sunfood Diet by David Wolfe
– Hippocrates Diet by Ann Wigmore (currently mainly by Brian Clement)
– Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by Gabriel Cousens
– ‘Old school’ raw diet by Norman Walker
– Raw food diet the Matt & Angela
…and there is MORE!

All in all, however, it does not change anything on the fact that the raw food diet is the best raw food diet in itself!

1. Listen to your body and choose the best raw food diet for YOU!
2. Keep it simple!
3. Enjoy life and have fun!