Bye-Bye Coffins, These Organic Burial Pods Turn Your Loved Ones Into Trees

Instead of becoming embalmed toxic waste, or resting in peace stuck under the ground, you can transform your dead beloved ones into a living memory – Yes, a beautiful living tree!

Being a transcendental sphere of unanswered questions, death puzzles us, touches us and deeply disturbs us all. One thing we are all positive about is that not one of us will “double-cross” death, and so you might as well tell your dearest and nearest how you want to be buried after you perish.

No matter what your faith is, or whether you believe in an afterlife, these organic burial pods that turn dead loved ones into existing trees make the idea of death a little more easy and comforting. In fact, these awesome burial pods make for the “perfect” burial ritual in so many ways.

The Capsula Mundi project , based in Italy,  was formed by the 2 designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel. Inspired by their love of trees, the pair created an organic, biodegradable burial pod that literally turns a person’s remains into nutrients for a beautiful tree growing directly up above the surface.

It does sound like eco-burial, doesn’t it?

Regrettably, these burial pods are only a conceptual idea for the time being, as it is against the Italian law to bury someone in this unusual manner.

When, or if, the project is allowed to proceed on, the overall goal to create cemeteries full of worshipped trees (instead of tombstones) will be accomplished. Instead of a cemetery, these parks will be referred to in another, much more comforting way, as “Memory Forests.”

How is it done?
The dead body is first encapsulated into the fetal position in order to fit snugly inside of the burial pod. The pod looks like an earthy piece of art, but in fact it is a biodegradable “casket.”

Once the burial pod is buried deep underground, a tree seed or a young tree seedling is placed directly above. One source of life will spark another, and a tree of your choice will blossom right there for you to admire it and revere it!

Rather than visiting a spooky, sad cemetery mourners will walk around a beautiful ‘Memory Forest’ full of hope and the promise of new burgeoning life. They would sincerely care for the tree, seeking comfort beneath its shade while going down the memory lane, which, you will admit, is far more than you can expect from a tombstone!

Instead of visiting a cemetery full of cold headstones, mourners would visit a sacred forest full of beautiful treesimage007

After one gets acquainted with this burial option, it seems rather silly to purchase a fancy, overpriced coffin.

After all, a cemetery full of headstones is far more depressing than a beautiful memory forest full of green thriving

This idea is obviously far better for the environment health. Instead of cutting down trees to make wood coffins, we would be producing more trees! 

The pod is made from all renewable and biodegradable materials, including starch plastic and seasonal plants such as potatoes and corn.image009

The company writes on their website that it takes from 10-40 years for a tree to grow.

It is then cut down and made into a coffin that only serves a purpose for 2 or 3 days.It was this train of thinking that sparked the excellent solution: a way to save one tree and plant another.

Clients will pick their favorite tree to be buried beneath

There will be an assortment of different trees clients can cho
ose from. The idea is that someone will pick their favorite tree while they are still alive. “The tree is chosen when the person is alive, relatives and friends look after it when death occurs.

A cemetery will no longer be full of tombstones and will become a sacred forest,” it says on their website.


So, just think of it… a late husband and wife, sprouting new life, side by side, as two gorgeous trees. It truly adds some kind of beauty to the sadness and cruelty of burying a loved one. 

What’s more, human demise can be looked upon from an entirely different aspect! Isn’t this invigorating?

The eco-friendly human forces behind Capsula Mundi are currently working to change legislation, turning their amazing burial ritual into a reality. Media attention matters, so help us spread the word!

Thus, in the future, evoking memories of our dead loved ones may mean visiting the ‘sacred forests’ grown out of their remainders rather than standing dully in front of their cold headstones in the collective cemeteries.