Discover Top 5 Ways To Slow Down Aging


As we are getting older, skin starts to lose moisture and damage. But, there are many natural ways to slow down the aging process and look younger. Read the 5 top ways to slow down aging:


Water is 60 % from human body, but daily activity take away water from our organism, so it must be compensated. Drink at least 8 glass of water a day – more is better. If you have enough quantity of water in organism, the internal organs will be hydrated and function better. Besides, enough quantity of water will help digestion. Also,skin will  look shiny, soft and with glow.


We all face with stress situation and periods, but if we learn to deal with, we will  make our life easier.Studies shown that stress make process of aging go faster. When you are at stressful situations, nature balance is disturbed, so it comes to worsening of hormonal function, slower cell recovery and making of collagen. But,there are many ways to reduce stress. You may start with exercises,deep breathing and meditation.


Make yourself your facial mask from fruit you like. You can make papaya mix on face, because enzyme poplin make peeling of dry skin from face and lessens the lack of melanin. Or you put a cut strawberry on face which is rich with beta – carotene and vitamin A, which will help you regenerate the collagen. Aloe-vera is one of the best solutions for slowing down the aging of skin – will help you recuse lines and wrinkles. All this nature products are healing, and work in combination with other products


Exercise is a part of every skin treatments. Exercise will help you to maintain tones and flexibility, and will boost your general health, protect you from heart diseases and help you look and feel young. Exercises will improve blood flow and refresh brain too. Walks can give you benefits. Walks are good for heart and is proven to give you longer life.


Your should have a good diet with great deal of fruits and veggies. Avoid pork, lamb meat and stick to seashell if it’s possible. Take cereals in seeds instead white bread . Fruits and veggies give organism antioxidants which fight against free radicals, which contribute to development of age related diseases. You will look better if you have good diet, and plenty of energy for those thing that you just love to do