Drink This Amazing Japanese Tea Daily To Burn Fat 4X Faster, Sky Rocket Energy,& So Much More…

Have you ever heard of the amazing elixir Matcha Tea?

Some of you have, some of you have no idea, but I `m 100% sure that you have all heard about green tea and its health benefits.

Matcha green tea is the highest in quality and nutrients powder tea.

It is a traditional Japanese beverage, where it is regularly consumed for decades.

It is made out of the young green tea leaves, and through delicate process made into a powder.

10 Awesome “Matcha” facts

1.Weight loss

You are probably familiar with the fact that green tea can help you slim in less than a month, and guess what?

Matcha tea is proven to be much more powerful than the brewed green tea. It highly increases metabolism and therefore helps you get rid of the old wastes of your body and slim you down.

The amazing thing here is that unlike other beverages on the diet lists, Matcha tea has no negative side-effects whatsoever!

2. Better concentration and memory

L- Theanine is the property responsible for enhancing memory, concentration and also improving mood. One cup of Matcha tea can help you release tension and stress, relax you body and keep you focused throughout the stressful week.

3. Powerful antioxidant

We all know that by eating raw fruits and veggies, we consume a lot of antioxidant, but here is good news for you! One bowl of Macha tea contains 5 times more antioxidants than any other raw fruit or vegetable.

4. Keeps you young and healthy

Matcha tea contains properties, like the antibiotics in the tea which are extremely beneficial for your skin in particular. It provides an UV protection and helps the body get rid of the toxins and therefore cleanse your skin. Now, speaking of cleansing….

5. Detox of the body

It is no wonder that detox will be on the awesome fact list. Matcha Tea is such a powerful beverage, that it`s known to have a capability to cleanse your whole body even from heavy toxins.

This is very important, since people are faced with heavy pollution of air, environment and this miraculous potion can help the body fight the contemporary diseases.

matcha tea

6. Fights cancer

Matcha tea contains organic, powerful antioxidants like we`ve mentioned above, but these are no ordinary antioxidants. The catechins are known to be the cancer fighter, because of its potent nature.

7. Boosts immune system

This is probably a property which we normally apply to the C vitamin, but the antibiotics which are consisted in green tea are what promotes Matcha tea as the immunity booster!

Besides the antibiotics, it also has C and A vitamins and potassium, iron and calcium. A magical potion, especially for pregnant women.

8. Enhance energy

It is no secret that green tea contains caffeine, the energy booster! But what makes Matcha tea unique is the perfect blend of nutrients which help your body stay fresh and energized throughout the day.

9. Reduces stress and tension

In a stressful time or period we don`t ask how much it costs, we just want to wait until the holidays arrive and relax. But why wait until then?

Did you know that it has been proven that Matcha tea indeed helps you release all the tension and stress gathered from the previous day?

It`s true, many Japanese monks have used this beverage during relaxation time and meditation. It produces alpha waves in the brain, which reminds us that it is time to calm down and chill for a moment.

10. Healthy and tasty

We sometimes get fed up from all the tasteless healthy products, which we know are good for us, but let`s face it…it`s not pizza! Good news people, Matcha tea is delicious, some people add milk, sugar and lemon to enhance the flavor, but believe my word this tea is tasty as it is! Time to enjoy your cup of tea, without thinking if you can finish your cup!

When to consume Matcha tea

There are no side-effects yet known about over-consuming Matcha tea. But I always stick to the rule, consume everything in a normal quantity. By stating out all the properties, it`s up to you to decide when it is time to prepare a cup full of health.

Some people choose to drink it in the morning, as a substitute for coffee, others throughout the day in order to “survive” the stressful environment and many drink it during the night, because of its relaxing and calming nature.

Now, prepare one bowl of this miraculous tea, and enjoy it!