Over the past few years Himalayan salt is getting more and more popular, because the word is spread- it has enormous health benefits on the human body. However, why to use Himalayan salt, instead of the regular table salt?

Well, it seems that Himalayan salt is getting all the attention nowadays for a reason. Many times we read articles or news about how salt can be harmful for our organism and this is true. However, if we take into consideration the content of table salt and the process it undergoes, then it becomes crystal clear why it should be avoided.

The history and origin of Himalayan

Unlike table salt, Himalayan salt originates from the Himalayan mountain range, the places which were once covered with lava and underneath were the crystallized salt beds. It no wonder why Himalayan salt is so much better than table salt, especially since it’s untouched from all the pollution, toxins and environmental influences.

This is why this salt is known as the “white gold” or the purest salt ever found on the face of the Earth. So, 200 million years ago, when the salt beds were created, up until now, when people are desperately trying to find this miraculous salt, it seems that Himalayan salt justifies its way to the most wanted and needed ingredient in our modern society.

Himalayan Salt contains 84 Trace Minerals!

Another amazing and impressive fact about Himalayan salt, is that it contains 84 minerals and elements, the same as the ones found in the human body. You can never get so many minerals by consuming a regular table salt.

Among the minerals are sulphate, magnesium, sodium, calcium, chloride and potassium. In fact, there is less sodium per serving in Himalayan salt than in the regular, table salt, due to the fact it’s less refined and the pieces are bigger.

Due to the colloidal form of the minerals, they are easier and better absorbed into our body and the cellular structure of this salt stores vibrational energy, which is a great property of this salt.

himalayan salt benefits

Health benefits of Himalayan Salt

Due to the presence of numerous elements and minerals in Himalayan salt, it’s no wonder that it will have an enormous impact on the human body. Some of the health benefits of Himalayan salt include:

  • Improves the respiratory system as well as promotes lung health
  • Hydrates the body
  • It aids in lowering the blood pressure
  • Helps in the prevention of the aging process
  • Improves the pH levels within the cells
  • Helps greatly in strengthening the bones
  • Promotes the vascular health
  • Promotes and increases circulation
  • Helps in increasing your libido
  • Cleanses your body from toxins and heavy metals
  • Helps with sleeping problems
  • Reduces or prevents muscle cramps

Uses of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt has multiple uses as it has multiple health benefits. Since it contains 84 minerals and elements similar to the human body, we can only assume that Himalayan salt is great for… well, just about everything.

In the bathroom– If you want to spoil yourself with a warm bath and some Himalayan pink salt, this will be the perfect way to get rid of tension, muscle cramps and stress. Due to the mineral presence, Himalayan salt is convenient for the muscles, bones as well as the respiratory system. So, why spending thousands of dollars on therapeutic salons, when you can make one by yourself at your own home?

In the kitchen– Instead of using table salt or any other processed salt, you can simply replace those ingredients with Pink Himalayan salt. It’s much healthier, it contains numerous minerals and elements which will improve your overall health and plus, you can get used to this salt very easily. Find the pre-ground salt or the grinders, available just about everywhere.

Salt slabs are another great invention which will save you a lot of time and effort in the kitchen. You can use the cold salt slabs for fruits, cheese and veggies or maybe add some sushi, for decoration of your table. You can also prepare eggs, fish filets or shrimps on the heated salt slabs and the best thing about these salt slabs is that they are extremely easy to maintain- a soft scrub and rinse and they are able to conduct heat perfectly, which will be of great help in the kitchen.

In the living room/ bedroom– I’m sure you’ve all seen some decorations and lamps made out of pink Himalayan salt and they are more than just a decoration. Having a salt lamp in your home purifies the air, absorbs the negative energy in your home and releases positive energy. You can easily find these lamps in stores or order them online.

Why Pink Himalayan Salt and not other salts?

Table Salt is known to be extremely unhealthy for us and if we use table salt excessively in our daily diets, then we may create some health problems, such as high blood pressure. This is mainly due to the fact that table salt contains almost nothing of the minerals, except chloride and sodium. It’s also extremely processed, bleached and cleaned with chemicals.

At the end, it’s heated at enormous temperatures and synthetic iodine is usually added, which is almost impossible to be absorbed in our bodies and then it’s accumulated in places where it shouldn’t be and hence the medical conditions and health problems. So, this is the reason why so many people are trying to cut down on salt or avoid it completely, because there’s a true difference between table salt and pure, healthy and clean pink Himalayan salt.

Sea salt-If the only option you have is table salt or sea salt, then you should consume sea salt. However, if we take into consideration that sea salt originates from the oceans and not to mention the great pollution of the water in general, we can only imagine what is consisted in that salt. Plus, sea salt also undergoes some processing which destroys even the smallest amounts of healthy and useful minerals and elements.


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