Eating Fruit When On the Keto Diet

Seen as nature’s candy, fruit can represent a problem on the Keto diet. It is thus important to consider that they might not be the best solution when it comes to the sugar levels in the blood. But there are some fruits which are low in sugar and even high in fats which are great for the Ketogenic diet.

Carb Cycle

Carbohydrates make and break the keto diet and you need to know that most fruits can actually hinder your progress and even prevent you from reaching nutritional ketosis. Thus, when you plan to increase the consumption of fruits, you also increase the sugar levels in the blood. The sugar levels in the blood the trigger insulin production which can store extra sugars as fat. This can further act to drop the sugar levels in the blood again and then you become hungry again which means that you will go back to the carbohydrates from fruits.

Fruit sugar

There are 23 grams of sugar in grapes and 15 grams of sugar in oranges. This are quite high quantities, and this is where they need to be avoided. However, eating an entire orange is not nearly as bad as drinking orange juice which can be made from multiple oranges and which does not need the same time to digest. This is where you will see a rapid increase in the blood sugar levels and it is important to avoid this as much as possible when you want the best overall results with sugar and carbohydrate cravings control.

What to eat?

So does this leave you will fewer and fewer foods you can eat on the ketogenic diet? While you might be limited for most fruits, you might still experience better results with some alternatives which can make your life easier and which are so much healthier for you. Berries can be a good option as they are low on sugar and as they come with some of the best antioxidants on earth. Even more, you can also consume more avocados which are very low on sugar and very high on fats. Avocados can thus be your best friend on the ketogenic diet and it is worth considering the options you have when it comes to better overall results in terms of weight management and in terms of fats intake which can actually boost the state of ketosis.

Some of the benefits see from avocados will also help you maintain a better health. For example, they can improve your cardiovascular health and they can also have a role in the health of your skin. The fats in avocados also act as a good source of hormone health as they can balance the natural levels of hormones both for men and women. Thus, while most fruits are to be avoided, it is important to choose the solutions which come as an aid to the diet and in many cases, their benefits cover multiple areas of general health improvement as well.

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