7 Things That Every Guest Room Needs

One of many things that you’d consider when purchasing a house that you is if it has enough rooms to accommodate all your family members with a little extra space for guests on their visit. So once you have a dedicated guest room, these are the seven factors that you should pay attention to when furnishing .

  1. Comfort

As the base of every visit, you would need something for them to rest and recharge their energy on after taking a trip, be it long or short. This could be a large beautifully crafted bed with superior comfy mattress or just as simple as a pull out sofa. It all depends on how much space you have, your budget, number of accomodation, etc. 

An efficient guest room is the kind with a standard bed with some sort of extra comfort furnitures like a sofa sleeper, roll-away bed, etc. Those that could be more convenient in case of unexpectedly large number of visitors. If they have children or if the parents would like their kids to stay with them, this gives you the option to be able to provide this. Rollaway guest beds can also be moved into your children’s rooms to allow their kids to stay with yours.

  1. Proper Lighting

Common mistakes that many people make when furnishing a room is that they either offer too much or too few lighting. So, your guest room comes standard with an overhead light and a window, is that enough? Well, depend on the season and/or time of the day that might turn out to be unfriendly.

It would be great if you could add one or two table lamps on the night stands if yours has a full sized bed. This allows your guest to read, and enjoy the ambient at night or through that summer nap. For a sofa sleeper/roll-away bed, try the adjustable floor lamp. Also, turn your light switch into dimmable for fully customizability in any situations.

  1. Extra Blankets and Pillows

While you may have your home’s temperature constantly at an ideal range, that does not mean that your visitors will feel the same. This is why providing additional blankets and pillows (probably in closet) help to make your guests feel much more at ease when they feel chilly or accidentally need a change. Cuddling blanket, throwing fleece, and odd sizes pullow not only work as body support, they are also nice decoration to your guest room too.

  1. Flowers and Plants

No matter who you (or your guests) are, you will find that being closed to nature would brighten up and refresh your mind dearly. Vibrant colors, aromatic fragrance and lustful fresh feeling are what to be sought after. So don’t afraid to put a flower vase in that guest room when you have a visit. It’d be a mood filling for them and a heart-warming for you too. Try sleep soothing pot flower like Jasmine, lavender, gardenia, gerber daisy… or just about any cut flower from your garden.

Allergic to pollen? There are those air-purified forever-live pots that you could place once-and-for-all like aloe vera, fern, cactus, bamboo palm, english ivy… Don’t have access to any pot, do a quick fix with a picture frame or poster of nature like tree, grass and water.

  1. Entertainment

While your guests are visitting, if you don’t have enough time around the day to occupy them, prepare something entertaining would help break them out of boredom. Sometimes, a nice sit and relax time is necessary after long day of wandering about the community too. This is why including a television set, DVR or gaming system may really help to make your guests feel right at home. At the very least, you should make sure that there is cable TV or satellite TV provided.

  1. Get Them Connected

To make your guest feel more at home, it is a good idea to ensure that they can easily access into your Wi-Fi system, and thus connect to the world. Most people would use facebook or some sort of picture sharing services these days.  You can safely allow them to connect through a separate guest network if your router is capable of. If yours is not, for such short duration of visit, it doesn’t hurt to give them your wifi password and then change it after their leaving or vice versa. It’s a good habit to keep your passwords updating anyway.

  1. Add a Clock

many people with a smart phone these days would have alarm and auto sync time clock on theirs ready. However, for the older lads or kiddo, the best thing you can do for is to put an alarm clock in the room where they can easily spot the time and work on their body schedule. It’s also a nice reminder of the next few days activities too.

So, you learned of several things that a efficient guest room should have. There’re many more thing you could add, the space is the limit per say. But best of all,  give your guests the biggest smile and the warmest welcome ever. Share your time together and enjoy the memories for years to come.

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