Everything You Need To Know About Honey Is Here

Honey – A Gift From God

Thanks for it’s wonderful composition, honey is always considered as food and one of the most natural medicines for a lot of health issues.History of honey is as old as mankind history, so in almost every culture evidence can be found of it’s usage.

The oldest discovery, which shows the importance of honey for humans , is an antique picture  around 15000 yr old, discovered on a wall in Spain.Egyptian glyphs tell about the important role of bees in everyday life of antic Egypt, and incredible evidence also is found in the dish with edible honey, over 3000 yr old, found in the tomb of Tutankhamun.

The Unique Sweet Fluid

Honey is  mix of organic acids, amino acids, enzymes, pollen, enteric oil, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals in small quantities (especially vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, C, D, E, K, and minerals Na, K, Ca, P, Mg, Fe, Zn, I, Cu, Ch and Se) and other valuable ingredients. Honey has fructose ( 41%), glycolysis (34%), sucrose (1-2%) as sugars.

This food is great source of energy because of easy digestibility and is high in calories – best for sportsmen, especially for increasing muscle tones and strength. Honey have also a lot of antioxidants. Children should consume honey, but AFTER  12 months.

Health Benefits From Different Types Of Honey

Healing with honey is called apitherapy, with a long list of healthy benefits. The most familiar healing property of honey is lessening symptoms of flu, cold and other diseases of the respiratory system, like bronchitis, inflammation of throat and sinuses. Honey is the best for cuts because it has the antiseptic property, it extracts poison .On burns you can apply honey as quickly as possible, which will prevent from skin bubbles and will make skin heal without scar.

Honey can help for other skin problems, as cracked skin, rash, itching, and other skin conditions.Very helpful at various digestive conditions – constipation, gastric, ulcer of bladder, and various infections. Also, honey can help in raising the level of Fe and lowering the level of cholesterol in blood, and also as cleans of the whole organism, helps at eyes condition, conjunctivitis ect.

Different types of honey can effect on different conditions, for example honey of sage help at lungs conditions and cold, but lipe honey isn’t recommended at heart conditions. Lavender honey is used for arrhythmia, problems with urination, also anxiety or migraine. Dark chestnut is good for circulation, work of stomach, intestines, liver and yolk, anemia, tiredness and it’s like booster of the muscles and immunity. Acacia honey is used for blood and vessel system, and as a relaxing substance, also fights insomnia and anxiety. Floral honey is recommended on allergies and boosting immunity.

Beauty Advice

Honey is a part of many cosmetic products. Great as a facial mask that removes dirt from the skin, also works against dry and dehydrated skin and helps at removing wrinkles.Honey is good for achieving and maintaining ideal body weight. If you are underweight, can be of help because can give you appetite, even at people that don’t normally have healthy appetites.

On the other hand, simple and very effective drink, used as detoxing drink, helps in reduction of body weight. A glass of warm water add one teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Drink it every morning for a healthy stomach or after eating food with a lot of fat.

And some interesting things….

Well closed, honey can be used without an expiration date.

Above 41 degrees honey loses its healing properties, so when you add honey to tea, be careful with the temperature of the tea – never too hot.

Crystallization is a natural property of honey which isn’t an influence on its quality. This unique golden fluid is a better alternative than white sugar. Make your health better with this sweet gift of nature!