This Single Exercise Is Enough To Get Rid Of Back Pain And Have Perfect Posture

shalabhasana exercise for back pain

You may not be aware of your posture while you are busily doing your sedentary job, but most working people are slouching in their seats. This curved position of the body often results in a crooked posture that nobody wants to see in the mirror!

But don’t worry about that. To every problem, there is a solution. Just read the lines below and find the best exercise for your spinal pain and related discomfort.

Posture is important for the overall health

Not only does your upright posture eliminate your back pain, but it also affects your health on the whole. Risks that a slouched posture poses on your health are: bad blood circulation in your blood vessels, intense back pain and interrupted breathing. Sitting in a good position for long hours is not that difficult as one might think. You may also need to replace the chair at your desk with an ergonomic one, and half of your back problem will be solved.

While adults get used to sitting in an upright position easier, children need to be supervised and advised more frequently when it comes to this issue. If youngsters do not have a good posture while sitting for long hours in front of their PC’s, they can develop serious spinal (that is skeletal) deformities which sometimes need to be orthopedically or surgically corrected.

The vertical posture affects your health in many good ways, which include: relieved pain in shoulders, in the neck and in the backbone, good intestinal work, mental brightness, good hormonal balance, easier breathing, stress and anxiety reduction, normal blood pressure and heart beat, attractive figure, and so on.

Now that you know what you get with an upright posture, you will certainly pay more attention to it.

One simple exercise can be better than a bunch of bad ones

If you have been suffering from back pain for a longer period of time, you will need to do something about it right now! And if your worktime or even free time does not allow for long periods of workout, the best option for you is to do 1 simple exercise to get rid of that unrelenting back pain.

The exercise we suggest below is called the locust pose (also called shalabhasana in the yoga vocabulary) since it involves locust-like movements and it helps you stretch and tone the sore points on your back as well as other muscles on your body.

This is how you do the “locust pose”:


• First, you lie down on the floor on the stomach and touch the floor with your forehead. Your hands should be resting at your sides, with their palms facing the floor.

• Then you extend your legs in your natural hips width, shifting your body weight on your feet tops

• Then you rise your torso, keeping your head up and looking straight forward

• You breath in and elevate your head as high as possible

• While you are breathing out, you should lift your fingers and hands in a parallel position to the floor

• Simultaneously, you lift both your legs up (if it is difficult do it with one leg at a time for a couple of minutes)

• Keep the position for 1 minute, and then redo it five to ten times

• Finally, you let go the position simultaneously and slowly lowering your limbs and upper chest

Once you feel real comfortable in the locust pose, you can “squeeze” it in between your daily duties. It will bring you so many benefits [both sitting and movement easiness] that you will find it difficult not to do it! Just try it out and forget about your medicines. Sometimes they are good for nothing! If they don’t do you any good, just don’t trouble yourself with them anymore. Yes, fit or acquit!

Here are some workouts for those who are willing to give them a try

Chronic back pain can really stand in the way of your regular daily activities. Strengthening your back and torso muscles is the easiest way to relief this annoying pain and to improve your posture. For this goal, you might as well learn 5 additional exercises. They do offer an effective back pain break, but of course they will take up some more of your time.

Here they are:

1. Keep your chin up and resist:

Try to elongate your neck by putting a cloth on the top point of your head, and then push your crown into it. This resistance will lengthen the back of your neck while pushing your chin downwards in a nice relaxing way.

2. You can “roll” your shoulders back

Start slowly pushing your stiffened shoulders upwards, and after that pull them back and lower them. You do this shoulder rolling with your hands freely hanging on the side of the body. This movement will unstiffen the shoulder-and-neck area muscles, and will make your body easily “glide” into a healthier upright posture.

3. This one will help you lengthen your spinal cord

At first sight, it may look incredible, but the exercise does have the power to lengthen your spine for a while. First, inhale deeply, and intentionally stretch out your spine, all the while sitting very upright, as if ready to stand up. Then let the air out, maintain the same height you have reached a moment ago. Repeat the exercise until you feel real good in the back and in the stomach. The stomach ache will go and your digestion will get better.

4. Sitting up very straight is not always good either

By sitting up very straight for an extended period of time you are helping neither your back pain nor your posture. Indeed, it can sometimes have the opposite effect. Rather than forcing your body to sit up straight, you can gently “throw” your shoulders back so as to fully open up your chest. Breathe deeply and intensely
to let your spine stretch and relax for a little while.

5. Next time you go walking just squeeze your glutes as if a ball

If you squeeze your glutes while walking, you can make your lower-back muscles strong and supple and you can tighten your glutes. If your glute muscles become strong, all your walks of life will become perky as well. So keep walking and keep squeezing!

Experiment with these exercises whenever you have the time and whenever you are in the mood for them. They have helped a lot of back pain sufferers and they can help you too. As you get on in years you will feel an ever greater need to straighten and strengthen your back as doing your household chores and errands will “taste” much more difficult than before.

Note: You can do these exercises in one go, or you can make a break between each two of them. Just tune them to your personal needs and possibilities for best results.


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