Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps Are Everywhere: Here Is How To Tell If Yours Is Real Or Fake!

Himalayan Salt Lamps have been so popular lately that everyone had to purchase one. But, they have been popular for a reason. Many people have reported numerous benefits of himalayan salt lamps, starting from cleansing toxic ingredients to treating many medical conditions such as arthritis, headaches and respiratory problems.

However, the need for more lamps on the market has caused many manufacturers to create Himalayan Salt Lamps which in fact have nothing to do with the above mentioned benefits- or they are fake. They may look like the real ones, but their function isn’t near to the one that the real Himalayan Salt Lamp has.

Luckily, there are ways in which people can tell if the himalayan pink salt lamp they have purchased is real or fake one.

Here are 7 ways to tell if you own a real or fake Himalayan Salt Lamp:

1. Real Himalayan Salt Lamps are extremely fragile

You need to handle your lamp extremely gently in order to avoid damage of your lamp. However, many people received their lamps damaged due to shipping inconveniences or poor packaging, but manufacturers of real lamps have flexible return policies and they take into consideration the fragility factor. But, if your lamp is rather resistant to falls, breaks and damages, then this is one of the signs that you have purchased a fake one.

2. Himalayan Salt Lamps emit a warm glow

Meaning, the color of your lamp is also extremely important. Due to the presence of many minerals, the light from your lamp will be discrete and it won’t lighten your whole room. However, many fake lamps tend to give off strong light or they lighten the whole room, which is a sign that you are owning a fake Himalayan Salt Lamp.

3. The origin of the Himalayan Salt Lamp is from Pakistan

Khewra is the place where the Himalayan pink salt originates, from the Himalayan Mountains. You can also check its origin or ask for specifications, just to be sure that the place where your lamp originated is Khewra, which will indicate the authenticity of you lamp.

4. The manufacturers have good return policies

In this case it means that your lamp is genuine and they understand that the lamp is extremely fragile and many things can happen during its shipping. However, if the manufacturer is very strict about returning the lamp, then this is a red flag. Never decide on buying a lamp, without knowing if the manufacturers have strict or flexible return policy.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

5.Himalayan Salt Lamp absorb moisture

This means that the lamp is purifying the air, absorbs the moisture and releases pure water in your home. A process also known as hygroscopy.If your lamp doesn’t purify your air or if you can still feel the humidity, that’s a really good sign of a fake lamp.

6. You will feel the health benefits of Himalayan pink salt lamps

If not, that means that your lamp is fake. Himalayan pink salt lamps should improve your health and you should feel it. If not, that means that you are owning a fake lamp.

7. Himalayan white salt lamp is more expensive than the pink one

Meaning that if the white lamp is as your colored lamp version, meaning the same price, then we are talking about a fake lamp.

Taking all of these signs into consideration, you shouldn’t have problems distinguishing a genuine lamp from a fake one.However, do a little research about sellers and their policies as well as people’s experiences from buying that product.

A genuine Himalayan pink salt lamps had positive impact on so many people and had improved their health. Not only it purifies the air, but it also helps in treating several medical conditions and diseases.

So, if you want to improve the quality of your life, then you should definitely consider purchasing a Himalayan pink salt lamps. You can place it in your most lived-in room, so you can feel the positive effect of the lamp. Note that the lamp has limited range, meaning that if you put it further in the house than the effects will be less felt.

However, taking into consideration the decorative look of the lamp, you will have no problem showing it off in front of friends and guests. Your family will feel the positive vibes from the lamp and you’ll simply love its decorative properties. You can also purchase many himalayan pink salt lamps for every most lived-in room, in order to feel the results better.


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Jennifer lynn
4 years ago

Wondering where are good places to buy them, ( preferably in Canada as that is where I live…or elsewhere) online, preferably places not too expensive but still authentic? May be a silly question, but does it sweat can you tell by licking it?
Thank you

Lisa Papleacos
4 years ago

I bought a salt lamp in a salt mine in Krakow Poland. Should I be concerned with the authenticity?

Carry Philis
4 years ago

I completely replaced by table salt with Himalayan pink salt and this is probably the best decision I’ve ever made. However, I am lately considering to purchase some salt lamps and I was wondering where to buy them and where to put them, so thank you for your lovely advice. I noticed that there are a lot of lamps on the Internet which are fake, but they look exactly as the real ones- so, people be careful where you buy the salt lamps from and especially be careful about buying a Chinese lamp with lower quality and no return policies. A friend of mine bought one online and turned out to be a big hoax. In order to avoid hoax Himalayan salt lamps, ask someone to recommend you one, like my friend did to me or do a little research on the Internet. It’s worth having one in your house!

4 years ago

We have a couple of these salt lamps in our house. My mother bought them after hearing it from a friend. It is quite interesting, but I never believed it to have some sort of healing powers through salt. Now, after reading this I can tell for sure that the lamps are fake. It was a hoax. I know for a fact that Himalayan salt is a lot better than regular salt, we use it at home sometimes, but the salt lamps are something else. At least the ones we have at home. They are quite bright and a lot stronger than they should be, according to this. I’m almost certain one of them fell at least a couple of times and didn’t break. I suppose it’s a little late to return them and ask for my money back. That is the whole point of a hoax, but I can get new salt lamps. I just have to make sure they are real Himalayan salt lamps this time and not fake. For several years now I’ve been having some respiratory issues and after reading this I hope this is going to help me. I feel quite lucky I came across this article.

4 years ago

I have been reading about these Himalayan Salt Lamps a lot lately. I was so impressed by the health benefits they have on people especially those with respiratory problems, headaches and arthritis. Not only that, but I was moved to find out how this salt lamps cleanse and deodorize the air and they have the incredible power to remove pollen, cigarette smoke and dust. I feel I am the only housewife that hasn’t bought any salt lamps yet. Anyway, if you are considering of buying salt lamps you should really take into consideration the above mentioned signs. Unfortunately, it happened to my sister to be part of a big hoax. She has bought fake salt lamps. At first, she wasn’t aware of that. Then she noticed that she couldn’t feel any of the health benefits and that her salt lamps were very hard instead of fragile. Then she discovered that there wasn’t flexible return policy. She tried to talk with the seller and warn him but she couldn’t get in touch with him. So I would like to ask if you know where I can buy real Himalayan salt lamps? It’s really worth to have them in my home. But, I really don’t want to be part of another hoax. I am also sharing this article with my friends and family so they could be aware too.

4 years ago

I must admit that Himalayan Salt Lamps were something I’ve discovered not so long ago. However, when I read about all the positive effects these salt lamps have on our health I had to have one right away. So, I bought two lamps several months ago and since then I’ve been addicted to them because they have helped me so much in solving my respiratory problems. A few days ago I wanted to buy one more lamp for my daughter’s room. I started looking on the Internet when I came across this article. I’m lucky I did. I was appalled when I read this article which warned me that there are fake salt lamps which can easily confuse me. I can’t believe it. They look just like the real ones and a person can easily become a part of a big hoax. I immediately checked my lamps to see if they are fake. Luckily they aren’t. So now, first I’ll have to search carefully all the information before buying one. I’ll especially pay attention to the shipping and return policies. Thanks for sharing this information because I wouldn’t want to buy a fake salt lamp. I’ll share this article with my friends too. I wouldn’t want them to be a part of a hoax either.

4 years ago

I found out about the superb quality of the Himalayan pink salt some time ago, so my family switched to this type of salt. I consider this a very serious decision we have made, since my husband suffers from elevated blood pressure,which was only worsened by using regular refined white salt.
We recently learned about Himalayan pink salt lamps and I must admit that their health properties are quite remarkable. I am also impressed by their decorative effect and the soft warm glow they emit. We live in an urban setting, (inevitably)exposed to all the harmful effects of electric devices as well as to the polluted air, so the ability of these salt lamps to absorb the negatively charged particles and pollutants from the air is essential for us. My daughters are susceptible to respiratory problems, particularly in the fall and winter season. I have considered purchasing one for a long time, and I am thankful for the information you have shared about the fake salt lamps on the market. It is a pity that such an amazing product can be a part of a great hoax. I would not have been able to make a distinction between a genuine and a hoax Himalayan salt lamp, since there is virtually no difference in their appearance. So, thanks for sharing the ways in which I can recognize which one is true and which is hoax.

4 years ago

Will it be ever enough of this dysfunctional human behavior?!We have fake products, fake feelings, fake life and now when it comes to our health, again we are being cheated on etc. Now they even have created fake health. Where is the faith and the trust?! People throw money thinking that they can buy their health. Everyone knows that no one can fake death, therefore people should be careful especially when their health is concerned. I mean, one starts to be amazed by the creativity of the people working on every market hoax in order to increase sales. In this case, among other, the hoax to increase profit can be: “Look we’ve created Himalayan salt lamps that are not easy to break. Please, buy these and don’t buy elsewhere. Ours last longer.’ On the other hand, this idea about using Himalayan salt as a cover for a lamp is great. All of us, in our homes and offices, have lamps, and there should not be any problem for replacing them with these salt lamps. Lamps can be placed everywhere in our indoor places, especially these ones. We all can agree, they are looking amazingly cozy and give warm and pleasant feelings. It is funny how improvement of health can be found in every daily routine for every average person. We all need light, we all use lamps, then why not combining the benefit of this special salt and use Himalayan salt lamps. These examples of replacing the ordinary salt with Himalayan salt in the kitchen made me wonder what else we can do to change our daily habits in order to improve our health