Fantastic Ways of Crafting with Your Kids – Look What This Mom Does with Her Kids!!!

Being a mom isn’t always that easy. BUT it can be pure fun if you enjoy spending time with your kids playing or doing some arts & crafts!

While being busy with kids, moms often try to think of preventing messy accidents or making sure kids are playing in a safe way – here’s how you can help your kids with drawing, painting, cutting out or gluing their Picasso-like pieces of art…one mom’s hacks can be another mom’s lucky charms and can make a world of difference in time and money.

A piece of advice offered here comes in handy both for moms and for kids.

When kids paint, they usually make stains all over – on your kitchen table, your floor, even your door knobs! However, it is good if we, as parents, let them express their spontaneous creativity! Instead, we can teach them to be organized and play safely together. So, what you could do in order to make the arts and crafts part of the day pure fun for everyone is:

Painting clean-up & organize tips:

  • “Lazy Susan” crafts and paint table – in order to make your own handy spin-me-around table, put several marbles in one baking container and add another one of the same size at the top of the marbles; place paints and craft materials into the second container and spin around so everyone can get their hands on the paint!
  • Muffin trey organizer – use your old muffin trey for putting various paints / chalks / marbles into the small muffin containers (you can line them with baking muffin individual paper sheets; it will help kids to learn how to be organized and systematic in the future)
  • Old markers re-used for water paint – if your markers are too old and seem unusable anymore, soak them each separately in water so they make nice water paint in glass jars; then simply let your kids’ imagination flow freely in making their first impressionist aquarelles
  • Zip-lock paintings – to eliminate mess altogether simply place some different colors of paint into your zip-lock next to each other; then zip the bag, and let your kid go crazy with fingers all over the bag – the design will become a true masterpiece without anything getting messy or dirty!
  • Paint storing – use empty and washed hand-soap dispensers for storing your hand paint for kids (it is economic and fun for kids to play with; it will also leave the paint fresh for a long time)

Handy & safe craft tips:

  • Glue clogging – if glue is often clogged up put the glue caps into some oil in order to prevent clogging between uses!
  • Glue overuse – if your kid uses too much glue at once simply put the rest of the glue onto a wet sponge within a plastic container so the glue can be re-used some other time; this will prevent the glue from drying out!
  • Smiley face cutting with scissors – in order to prevent your kids from cutting into their fingers (while cutting out paper shapes), make “a rule of thumb” and draw a smiley face on your kid’s thumb nail. Your kid will remember that the smiley face always has to be up and in this way will prevent cutting into own fingers!
  • Duct tape cutting – to ensure easier cutting into duct tape, simply use baby wipes and the scissors will cut smoothly through the tape!
  • Scissors sharpening – this one is very easy! We all have tin foil at home so simply use tin foil and cut into it in order to sharpen your scissors!
  • Crayon and marker stains removal – when your kids feel like creating own wall graffiti, use denatured alcohol and remove all the wall stains!
  • Glitter removal – if your kid has accidentally spilled glitter dust all over simply use a lint roller to pick up the sparkles!

And if you want to preserve all of your kids’ masterpieces simply create Kids Art Filing System – if you take pictures of all their favorite drawings, paintings and crafts, make sure to file them systematically into your computer or telephone! Once they have grown up, you will be able to take them down the memory lane. And your kids will have great childhood memories forever!

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