Farming Pre-Shchool Teaches Kids How To Grow Their Own Crops

Nursery Fields Forever is taking education of children to a whole new level. This brilliant school is a mixture of nature and school, where children learn the essence of nature, combined with realistic practice and unconventional learning.

In a world where values and common sense are easily replaced for greed and desire for material things, it seems that we all start to slowly lose our touch with nature and we are especially taking Mother Earth for granted.

In order to restore and create new points of view about the importance of nature in our lives, Nursery Field Forever is actually teaching its students to appreciate nature and acquaints them with the real process behind food, nature’s product and farming. Unbelievably as it may sound, these kids are learning how to farm on their own!

The Story behind Nursey Field Forever

The people behind this story are the Italian team, composed of Gabriele Capobianco, Jonathan Lazar, Edoardo Capuzzo Dolcetta and Davide Troiani. Their idea for creating such nursing school must be doomed to success and they truly got the acknowledgement by winning the AWR International Ideas Competition for designing this innovative and fresh nursery school.

How does Nursery Field Forever work?

In order for us to bring up more aware and better new generations, we need to cherish and nurture Mother Nature and understand that all in our lives will be impossible without having the advantage of using nature in our own favor.

However, the fast developments in technology and people becoming more and more greedy for power and money, we somehow lost the real values and the appreciation for Mother Nature.

In this nursery school there are three approaches to learning: from nature, from practice and from technique. This means that technique, nature and games are combined in order to encourage the children to interact with animals and plants and get the full experience.

The best thing about this approach towards children’s education is that they can form their own perception and opinions, based on the urban environments. Nursery Field Forever incorporates nature and food cultivation in their curriculum, exposing children on farming, plants and animals.

In this way children learn how to respect and cherish nature. In this school, children are taught about the environment, farming and also, they are learning about the importance of domesticated animals and plants, so they can form an appreciation for Mother Nature as well as understand the cycle of nature and life.

They work individually and in groups, in this way, the children experience in first hand and get in touch with nature and understand its importance in their lives.

What are the benefits from Nursery Field Forever?

Nursery Field Forever is more than a school, it’s a way of living. Children don’t take Mother Nature for granted and most importantly, they realize that everything that is served in our plates comes from a miraculous source that is Mother Nature.

Moreover, being close to domesticated animals and plants is extremely beneficial for the children’s immune system. They can develop an immunity to common allergens and bugs and it’s also beneficial for babies, who can get more relaxed and curious when in contact with animals.

More on Nursery Farm Forever

A place where children, animals and plants coexist together. Place where at first glance you’ll think it’s a regular urban farm, but you’ll be surprised by the fact that the children are the ones taking care of this farm.

Place where there are no classrooms and children and animals are allowed to be together. A combination of a school and nature as well. A place where children get to draw their own conclusions and perception about the real world.

A place where children learn that food can’t be bought with just money, but also with dedication and nurturing. A place where children form themselves into individuals and grow into adulthood with awareness and sensibility towards nature.

Why is this approach towards learning important for us?

First of all, in order for a change to happen in this world, people must understand that growing your own food by nurturing is of great value. Second of all, if we become aware of the cycle of nature, we can also start to appreciate and preserve the most valued source for food- nature!

So, why not starting at the early age where children can realize on their own that nature do matters and we shouldn’t take it for granted.

In the best case scenario, we can all learn from these self-constructed individuals where they’ve grown themselves in direct touch with nature, through their own experiences and practices, because at the end of the day, our future depends on it!


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