These 10 Foods You Can Store For 100 Years!


How many of you have opened the fridge and found yourself staring at a spoiled product and have no idea for how long has it been there? Probably most of you are questioning yourselves right now what’s good in your fridge or on your shelves and what’s gone bad.

Sadly, most products last probably for a day, week tops and you see your money going to a waste. Luckily for you, there are some products which you can purchase and never even consider throwing them, because here’s a fun fact- they don’t have an expiration date!

Yay, just what we needed, another product put into oblivion. However, it’s never as it seems or sounds, some products aren’t on your weekly shopping list or you simply aren’t a fan of them and that’s ok, but no one wants to buy something and not take full advantage of the purchased product.

Here is a list or 10 super amazing products which have no expiration date:



Rice is probably the super product just because it’s extremely nutritive and it can last… well forever! It’s on the list of top survival list and its place there is completely justified. If you are not a rice eater, don’t worry, but always have a jar somewhere in your cupboard, because you might need it and it won’t go bad. White, basmati, wild, jasmine or Arborio rice, they all share the same feature- store them without the guilt of being there for a long time.

However, brown rice will not share the same destiny, due to its high oil content, brown rice is doomed after a period of time. Just make sure that you have a great container for your rice in order to prevent bugs from attacking your perfectly stored rice.

2. Salt


Cheap to purchase, easy to find and completes every single meal you eat. However, we don’t want to start wasting money on something which we can use a day or two no matter how cheap or available it is. Luckily for you, salt is not one of those products. If stored properly, salt can serve you for a very, very, very long time!

There is also a great fact about salt and salty water- it’s a great way to preserve meat until you decide to prepare it. Salt helps meat preserve its best features for a longer period and you can keep salt on your shelf as long as you want. It will be there, whenever you want to use it.

3. Raw Honey


A spoon of honey always reminds me of cold weathers when you just want to crawl into your bed and don’t worry about anything. Well, you sure needn’t to worry about your honey going bad because just like it’s immense impact on the human body so is its storage period- immense and unquestionable.

It may crystallize with time, but it can never spoil or anything like that. This unique feature is what makes honey even more special. Store it in a sealed jar and you don’t need to worry.

4. Bouillon


Due to the salt presence, bouillon can be kept for a very long time. However, its taste may not be as great as it used to be, but a proper storage methods can help a lot- for instance it is best, if kept in Mylar bags or food sealer. You can make great stews or soups with it and it will cost you almost nothing.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar


It’s a must-have product in every household bearing in mind its multiple usages, from marinades and salad dressings to curing colds and flues. Apple Cider Vinegar can stay on your shelf and be there for you whenever you need and want.

6. Sugar

You can use it to sweeten your tea or coffee, it’s your call, however for those of you who have sugar just for the purpose to use it when guests come over, then needless to say that you have no reason to worry.

Sugar won’t spoil or go bad ever, just like salt, you only need to store it properly in order to avoid bugs. If you notice that your sugar has harden with time, you can always break it in pieces and consume it without worrying if it’s safe for you or not.

7. Powdered Milk

If kept in nitrogen packed cans, powdered milk can last forever. However if you sense that it smells wrong, then it’s time to say goodbye. Nevertheless, powdered milk can be a great savior in situations when you don’t have any milk and the storage period is really convenient.

8. Pemmican

It’s a great survival food, especially since its expiration date is forever! It was firstly used by the Native-Americans and later people started using lean meat which was cut in small pieces and dried over an open fire, then mixed with some fat and pressed into little cakes-a great way to have meat at any moment.

9. Soy Sauce

For those of you lovers of Asian cuisine, here’s a great fact- soy sauce can last forever, if unopened. Due to the sodium presence, soy sauce can be kept for a very long time and you can use it in various ways. If you are gluten intolerant, purchase gluten-free soy sauce.

10. Vanilla Extract

If you are a sweet tooth, then you will find this fact delightful- vanilla extract has no expiration date! You can use it in cakes, cookies or in ice-creams, whichever way you choose you can always count on that little bottle stored in the back of your shelf. Because of the alcohol presence, you will always have a fresh vanilla extract, regardless of the storage period.

It’s always best to have fresh products in your home, however the previously mentioned products will make your life easier and you never have to question your safety or the safety of your family, because these products will probably never go bad, if stored properly

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