Germany Produced So Much Energy Last Month Prices Went Negative For A Day

Denmark did it last year!  Now it happened with Germany too! These countries have managed to use their own natural energy resources in the most efficient ways and have created an overflow of sustainable energy in only one day that would last them for one year!

What Is Sustainable Energy?

Simply put, sustainable energy is environment friendly energy that is produced from naturally renewable sources such as wind, sun and water. Modern technologies are still exploring new and creative ways for extracting replenished energy deriving from natural sources. Eventually, the human kind can only profit from the everlasting energy surrounding us. Such energy is re-produced at low or no cost.

What Types of Sustainable Energy Do We Have?

Sustainable or renewable energy is not only the energy produced from water, wind or sun. There are obviously various types of sustainable energy currently being used, namely:

  • Biomass energy – created by burning of organic products such as timber, wood, municipal or agricultural waste
  • Geothermal energy – created by the use of heat from under layers of earth
  • Hydroelectric energy – created by the use of natural strength of waterfalls, rivers
  • Ocean energy – created by the use of waves and tide movements
  • Solar energy – created by the use of sun energy and solar panel systems
  • Wind energy – created by the use of windmills that generate energy

Which Countries Are the Highest Ranking Sustainable Energy Producers?

The idea of using other potential, natural renewal energy resources was born out of predicted future scarcity of conventional energy resources such as fossil fuel. Namely, some scientists still claim that by the year 2050 almost all fossil fuel will be exploited!

For this reason, people are turning towards new sources of energy. In this day and age, there at least 30 countries around the world that rely on the naturally renewable energy sources such as bio-fuels, hydro, solar and wind energy.

According to the source, the top 10 ranking world countries that are the highest renewable energy producers are China, U.S.A, Brazil, Canada, Russia, India, Germany, Norway, Japan and Spain.

Some countries rely more on solar or wind energy – for example, Germany is ranked as the 3rd country on the list for renewable energy sources based on wind energy while Denmark is on the 10th position of the same list. Interestingly enough, Germany is again in top 10 countries that have deployed own solar power capacity in order to reduce their reliability on the conventional energy sources such as fuel.

How Did Germans Manage to Produce Overflow of Sustainable Energy?

It is more than obvious that Germany pays extremely lot of attention to sustainable energy investments – last year their production of renewable energy has grown by almost 30 % and they are even planning to install new renewable energy plants in the future. This is probably a part of their plan to reduce their dependency on the conventional energy resources such as fossil fuel and subsequently rely solely on their own sustainable energy resources by 2050.

With such ambitions and sustainable energy goals set high, it happened recently that Germany managed to produce up to almost 90% of own sustainable energy produced from solar, wind and biomass energy together in only one day!!! As a result, power prices came to negative for some time so that Germans were practically being paid to consume the overflow of energy!

Naturally, Germany made headlines with such optimistic news on sustainable energy production – both private homes and heavy industry could temporarily thrive and use all the overflowing energy for free! To illustrate even more the German ambitions in sustainable energy production, here is an example of a German village in the Bavaria province that managed recently to produce up to 500 % of own sustainable energy! Apparently, the Germany’s top position in the use of renewable energy is based on governmental policies intending to reduce the dependence on the conventional energy sources.

Why Is Sustainable Energy Good for Us?

To conclude, Germany has timely realized that sustainable energy is not only profitable but also good for our environment. Their example should give us all a positive outlook on the immense potential of renewable energy. The use of natural energy should be encouraged and supported both by the governments and their own people.

This will also mean more proactive awareness raising regarding the connection between the pollution (by the conventional energy resources) and the need to protect own environment. So, let us thus all opt for cleaner, environment friendly and safer sources – let us opt for renewable energy!

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