How To Get Miranda Kerr’s But – Victoria Secret Style Workout

These exercises take longer, but are great and extremely effective!

You can make the first series by doing all of the exercises, dedicating 1 minute per exercise. In the second round you can dedicate 30 seconds per exercise.

Lie down on the floor and make a bridge, then squeeze in squats. This tightens the gluteus (three muscles in each buttock).

Fire Hydrants
Place the right leg in a right angle, put it to the side for 30 seconds, then do some kicks with each leg, dedicating 15 seconds per leg

Split Squats
Pick up weights in an upper position, put one leg on the floor and the other one on a couch behind you. Make squats with each leg, dedicating 30 seconds per leg.

Put your weights out  and in front of you, stand on one leg and start descending with your body. Do this for 30 seconds with each leg. These are called Romanian dead lifts.

Take a cat position on the floor, stretch one leg and then raise it up and down. Do this for 30 seconds with each leg.

Stand up and put your arms in front of you in a preying position. Do lunges with both legs for 60 seconds.

Plie Squats
Spread wide your legs and put both hands on the stomach. Then go down with the torso taking a frog position. Do this (squeeze the gluteus) for 60 seconds.

Do one more series by repeating all of the exercises.
You can have a better look at the exercises in the video below: