Get Rid Of Bad Breath Caused By Garlic or Onion in a Minute

Onions and garlic are vegetables that people use quite often in their daily diet and enjoy eating, especially because of their healthy properties and benefits. However, many people try to avoid them simply because of the bad smell they leave in your mouth after you eat them.

If you love eating onion or garlic but don’t want to feel ashamed that your breath smells when you are around other people, don’t worry. There are ways to help minimize the effect. Here are some home remedies you can use.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

The first thing you can and should do is to thoroughly brush your teeth and rinse your mouth. This will freshen your breath and help you remove from your teeth all traces of the onion or garlic you have eaten. As bacteria created in your mouth plays large role in bad breath, killing them will also kill the smell.

Something very convenient for freshening your breath is to buy and chew some minty gum, fresh parsley, or mint leaves, if possible, or drink some mint tea. These greatly reduce the effect of odors created by onion and garlic. 

Some commonly used foods, such as lemons, carrots, and mushrooms, also help reduce the odor of onion and garlic. If you are cooking at home,add these to make dishes that will help your whole family to get rid of bad breath. 




Drinking green tea can also help you here. As has been shown by some studies, some substances in green tea can kill the compounds in onion and garlic that create the bed smell. Drinking other fluids, such as lemonade or even water, can also reduce the bad odor in your mouth.

As it is a strong disinfectant, alcohol is another drink that can help you. Drink a small shot of any hard liquor with a short aftertaste, such as vodka. But just a small one, as alcohol on your breath is much worse than bad breath. 

If you can stand the bitter taste of mustard, you can also use it to kill the odor. Chew a teaspoon of mustard in your mouth for around half a minute and then spit it out.

Take another one and swallow that one. Methods for mouth hygiene such as using mouthwash, a water pick, a tongue cleaner, and flossing can also be quite helpful. For your own sake, don’t be lazy and neglect thing you have to do for your health.


  • The smell of garlic or onion can even stick onto your clothes. Use some perfume, cologne, or spray to cover it up.
  • If after all that the odor from garlic or onion is still annoying you, you can take some garlic supplements and fully cook them to decrease the side effects.