Watch Out! GMO Potatoes Are Taking Over Markets’ Shelves. Here Is How To Avoid It!

GMOs are taking over the world. One sentence which provoked horror everywhere. Many people are unfamiliar with this abbreviation, but others are leading a cold war against it.

What does GMO stand for?

GMO or Genetically Modified Organism is applied to any food or meat which has been genetically modified through its growth or cultivation.

In other words, vast industries are merging DNA from various species in order to increase production and decrease costs. Sure, it turned out just fine for the moneymakers, however this is at the cost of ordinary people who tremble upon the fact to go into the markets and examine and study every label which enters their shopping card.

Fruits, veggies and meat have undergone this modification and people fear that GMO foods will enter their everyday diet. Sometimes we are aware of the fact that we are consuming GMO products (it says on the label), but in many cases, for instance, in restaurants we are not sure of the quality and origin of the ingredients which are on our plate.

Even though the development of herbicide and pesticide meant lower costs at the beginning, this wasn`t the case by all means. Bugs have become prone to this spray and manufacturers had to increase the amount of the content, meaning more poison for the consumer.

This spray cannot be easily washed away or it doesn`t affect just the surface of the product, it enters deep below the surface and therefore causes loss of quality.

GMOs affect our health, destroy the quality of our food and pollute the environment. It`s time to start to think about our future generation and seriously consider values in life, our health is at stake and we stopped caring more than just about money.

How to avoid GMO potatoes:

The best way to avoid GMOs is by simply going for organic (whenever possible). Organic food is a bit pricier than other food, but sometimes we shouldn`t save money on something that might improve our health.

  • GMO potatoes lead you to J.R. Simplot`s website
  • Don`t ignore the top right corner: if it says “fewer black spots” or “reduced bruising”, then you shouldn`t overlook this because it`s another word for GMO!
  • Buy organic potatoes and usually organic food has a sign which guarantees the quality of the food you buy.
  • If you have a possibility to grow them in your garden, go for it!

There is a serious battle against the spread of GMOs, especially when there is a potential of harming our health. The J.R. Simplot Company is known for importing GMO potatoes in the USA market shelves and consumers have spotted these products in grocery shops in New Orleans, L.A.

Any fruit or veggie loses all nutritional value due to the modification, if we lose control over this, we may as well quit on healthy food. We are all aware of the nutritional value of the potatoes and GMO potatoes should not throw a shadow upon it.

How to avoid GMO in general

  • Always check the source on food, especially meat. Maybe the animals were fed with GMO food and this is also concerning because what animals eat affects us too. Go for non-GMO verified food or organic one.
  • The non-GMO verified products guarantee the quality of the food and its origin.
  • Organic food is also the opposite of GMO.
  • Be careful of the “endangered” ingredients: corn, Hawaiian papaya, edamame (soybeans), zucchini and yellow summer squash.
  • Whenever you buy packed food, be careful of the additives, corn, soy, canola, cotton are added to almost every packed food. Go for non- GMO verified or organic food.
  • Frozen food is usually GMO-free, but always check its origin (if packed).
  • Fruits and veggies are still GMO-free, we here exclude the “endangered” ingredients above.
  • Go for 365 Everyday Value brand food products, they avoid GMO.

According to the website Natural Society, there has been a petition to stop producing and selling GMO potatoes, it was signed by more than 100. 000 people and yet it was rejected by McDonald`s and overlooked by USDA.

The real effects of this GMO product have not been tested in details and Food & Water Watch announced “USDA has inexplicably failed to undertake the legally required rigorous and overarching analysis of the GE crops’ impacts or reasonably foreseeable consequences.”

Support organic farmers, avoid GMOs by following some of the tips presented above and always look for the “ORGANIC” or “NON-GMO VERIFIED” sign.