A Healthy, 9-Year Old Florida Girl Was Paralyzed By The Flu Shot


Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) is rare neuro-immune disorder, and there are little known facts about what causes this disorder. ADEM is a result of inflammation in the myelin sheath, which is the electromagnetic coating that protects nerves in the brain and the spinal cord.

Myelitis.org says that ADEM is a rare auto-immune disease that happens when the immune system “attacks its own brain tissue by mistake” in response to a vaccination or infection.

Over 50 % of those who are suffering from this devastating diagnosis are struck while they are already fighting an existing bacterial or viral infection. The Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute said that ADEM can sometimes occur after a vaccination, usually after the MMR. According to the National Vaccine Injury Lawyer, Leah Durant, ADEM, although rare, can be triggered by a flu shot.

That misfortune happened to a nine year old girl, Marysue Grivna from Tampa, Florida. She had a seasonal flu shot on November 20, 2013. Few days after the shot, she became limp, then paralyzed and as Natural News reported “nonverbal, confined to a wheelchair/hospital bed and primarily eating via g-tube”.

In a life television show, the host Nancy Grace who was reporting on this case was appalled when she found out that pharmaceutical companies do not take any responsibilities for any injuries that might happen after vaccination.

The Big Pharma’s vaccines are being protected for a long time. Historyofvaccines.org reported that back in the 1970’s and 1980’s numerous payouts were made to families whose child was injured by vaccines, especially from the combined DPT vaccine (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus). 

Considering that many of the lawsuits were a success, many manufactures stopped their production of vaccines. However, in 1986, when the Congress stepped in, any liability from Big Pharma was removed and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) was created.

Since then, families like Marysue’s parents must apply for compensation via NVICP first by filing “a claim with the U.S. Court of Claims”. Over 17 000 petitions have been filed since the beginning of this program, 14 000 were adjudicated, approximately 10 000 cases were dismissed and only 4687 cases have been compensated for their vaccine injury. $ 3.3 billion have been paid to victims of vaccine injury since 1988. But just imagine how much the pharmaceutical companies have earned on the global use of vaccines.

Apparently, not a penny from that payout has been given to Marysue and her family who have been living with this tragedy for three years. Before the vaccine Marysue was a vivacious, lively girl who spoke two languages, played, laughed, ran around but now she lives in diapers, is fed via tube and totally dependent.

Her family is still raising funds to collect some money in order to provide Marysue with an accessible bathroom, bedroom, a new electric wheelchair and a wheelchair van. In an interview with Tampa Bay’s ABC news in February 2016, it was reported that her devoted parents didn’t want to put her in long term rehabilitation, but they will use a local rehab facility for several hours every day.

Marysue’s mother, Carla works outside their home, while Marysue’s father is the primary care giver. Although he needs surgery for his neck problems he has put everything aside just to take care of his daughter Marysue, who now weighs seventy pounds.

This case has raised awareness at people that now, more than ever, has come the time to consider healthy alternatives in order to build our immune system and be well informed and careful when it comes to vaccination.


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