Here Is How To Grow Green Onions Indefinitely

Do you want to grow scallions indefinitely? If the answer is yes, then follow this short tutorial and always have them at hand.

In case you didn’t know: Scallion is an onion with a small bulb and long green leaves, e.g. a green onion or shallot.

It’s a great little accompaniment that could be used in so many ways in your dishes: just think of your bread, scrambled eggs, hot dogs, meats, pastas and more… How much faster could these foods be digested if you had the right digestion booster on your dish?
This is it guys: place a bunch of scallions with their roots in a glass brim-full of water, cut off what you need to use in your current cooking feat and leave the rest in the glass. Place it on a sunny window sill. The onions will literally regrow themselves. It’s no joke!
Here’s a shot of some of the green onions I chopped almost down to the roots:


This is what they looked like not even 2 days (left) and 4 days (right) later as they literally regrew themselves:


And not even a week later, this is what we have: you can hardly tell the difference between the ones I originally cut and the ones I let them be (they have also doubled in size):


 See how much the very roots have extended too:


Take heed guys: these were store-bought organic scallions. From what I understood, we’ll be able to continue to chop off the parts of onions we want to use and they’ll just continue to regrow. You can also plant them in soil and achieve the same effect — something I’ll most likely do once the roots gain a little more traction.

You’ll agree now: This is a great thing to bookmark! It teaches you how green onions can simply miraculously regenerate without any special effort on your part. Just do it!

How To Grow Carrots In Pots


The first challenge to growing carrots indoors is getting those tiny little seeds onto the soil. Just moisten the soil and sprinkle the seeds over the surface.

Once they germinate, clip out the extra seedlings with a pair of scissors so that the remaining carrots are about one-half inch apart. When they are about 3 inches tall and you can see which seedlings are the sturdiest, thin them again to about an inch apart.

Place your potted carrots on a sunny window sill and keep the soil moist at the surface until the seeds germinate. Water the pot when the soil is dry at a depth of 1 inch once the seedlings begin to grow. When they reach a height of 3 inches, it’s time to start a regular feeding schedule. Use a liquid houseplant fertilizer mixed at full strength every two weeks.

You can harvest carrots any time after they have developed their mature color. Tiny, immature carrots are a tasty treat, but you don’t get enough for your effort, so you probably want to let them grow to full size. Harvest them by pulling them straight out of the soil. Digging around in the soil disturbs the roots of other carrots and may cause growth deformities.

How To Grow Carrot Tops


This method to grow carrots from carrot tops is so simple that you can get the kids involved. The instant results will get them excited and eager to join you next time. Make them feel like little bunnies!

Let’s grow carrot tops! One of the easiest plants for a young gardener to grow, carrot tops make pretty houseplants for a sunny window and their fern-like foliage is beautiful in an outdoor container as well. Eventually, white lacy flowers will bloom. Growing carrot tops from carrots takes no special equipment and results will be seen in a matter of days!

The orange, kid-friendly vegetable is actually a taproot and once removed from the plant, it can’t regrow. Make sure you explain this to your kids before your project begins, so they know what to expect.
There are 3 different ways to grow carrot tops from carrots. All have a high success rate and all are good fun for kids.

1. Water method

You can grow carrots in water. Cut the top from a grocery-store carrot. You’ll need about one inch of the root. Stick a toothpick into either side of the carrot stump and balance it on top of a small glass. Use an old juice glass for this since you’ll probably end up with mineral stains.

Fill the glass with water up to and barely touching the bottom edge of the stump. Set the glass in a light, but not sunny window sill. Add water to keep it reaching the edge and watch the roots sprout.

2. Pie plate method

The next method to grow carrot tops from carrots involves a glass or ceramic pie plate and marbles. Fill the plate with a single layer of marbles and set the one-inch stubs of the veggie right on top. You’re still going to grow carrots in water, but the level is determined by the tops of the marbles.

3. Newspaper method

You can use any type of plate and several layers of newspaper for sprouting carrot tops. Lay the newspaper on the bottom of the plate and soak the newspaper well. There should be no standing water. Set your pieces of carrot tops on the papers, and in a few days, you’ll see the roots spread. Keep the paper wet.

Once the new plants have rooted well, your kids can plant them in soil. The new plants should show growth pretty quickly and your little gardeners will be delighted with their reward!