Here Is How Your Favorite Houseplants Can Reveal Your Personality!

Are you a begonia person or a fern person?

No one is saying that plants in the planters around your house are replacing the good old horoscope readings, but as the saying goes, “the way you do anything is the way you do everything.” Does your choice of houseplants reflect a bigger part or a smaller part of your individuality? Read on to find out or at least laugh at yourself for a while!

1. Topiary

Your junk drawer is divided with mini bins, categorized by items, and, honestly, junk-free. You have mastered the art of polished nails that stay chip-free for a week. And you don’t go anywhere without your valuable day planner.

2. Begonia

You are romantic in nature, and fully prescribe to the idea that nothing is complete (not a room, not a dress, not an accessory, not a make-up, not a…) without a pop of dazzling-bright color.

3. Monstera

The very appearance of the plant points to people who want similar stuff in their wardrobe or handbags. They obviously enjoy a dramatic entrance that instantly makes an impact on the spectators. This explains why they own so much more leopard print than any of their friends!

4. Succulent

If you want to see this plant in your small lovely pots, then you are not an ordinary mom, but a very cool mom! You always have your finger on the Pinterest app, and you would like to know what the kids are into these days. There is that youthful interest in you about everything and anything. Kids simply enjoy being in your company and sharing their secret thoughts with you.

5. Sedum

You are the blogger one, or you are obsessed with blogs (likely both). You still secretly love the flower-like succulents a bit more than this trailing burro’s tail, but you just have to distinguish your brand a bit more, don’t you?

6. Aloe

Aloe is a very specific plant, so your makeup is actually a real make-up for your companions. Because, on the surface, you might appear prickly and standoffish, but once people get to really know you, they appreciate the calming, soothing personality you have deep inside.

7. Fern

If you love this strong-looking, but yet fragile plant, then your favorite TV show must be Downton Abbey (and you really hope PBS commits to a series about the Victorian era next). You were “in love” with The Secret Garden as a kid, and you have always wished to have one of your own one sunny day.

8. Lemon tree

Their majesty –Lemons! You splurged on a trip to Italy for your honeymoon and you haven’t got the citrus tree-lined paths out of your mind. Maybe because there were lemons just as big as your head and you hoped to see them in your home as well!

9. Ficus

You always stick to what you know and what you have already tried out. You buy the same shade of lipstick each time you finish the old one, you eat the same chicken roll time and again, you always watch just one more episode of Seinfeld, and so on and so forth.

10. Fake

You live by the mantra “perfect is the enemy of the good enough.” You often fall in love with things simply because they are pretty on the outside (like that elegant bottle of perfume you never actually wear), and you are not ashamed at all. And you are just really busy, OK? So, go ahead buy this lovely faux lavender you can’t take your eyes off!

Hopefully you had a good laugh at these “ personae betrayers” this night! Join us next time too!