What is HGH (human growth hormone) and Why It’s important for your health

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a substance which children or adults use in order to compensate for the natural shortage of HGH. It’s formed by the pituitary gland and its main function is to encourage growth in children as well as adolescents.

However, many adults choose to inject or intake HGH in order to feel its results in mature years and those results being reversing the process of aging. This type of use is a rather controversial one, especially if we bear in mind that the FDA has approved only limited uses of the HGH. Information provided by this website.

Uses of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Some of the uses of HGH, which were approved by the FDA include:

In children

It’s used for treating medical conditions including the ones caused by poor growth or short stature of unfamiliar causes, such as:

-chronic kidney disease

-children born small for gestational age

-Turner’s syndrome

-the insufficiency or deficiency of HGH

-Prader-Willi syndrome

In adults

Even though there are many reasons why adults are in quest for HGH, here’re the uses of this hormone approved by the FDA:

-muscle disease caused or associated with AIDS or HIV

-short bowel syndrome

-deficiency of HGH caused by intensive pituitary tumor’s treatment

Other uses of HGH, which are still not approved by the FDA:

-HGH is extremely popular among people who want to build up their muscles or improve their athletic endurance. In such cases, HGH is taken together with anabolic steroids or other similar drugs.

-HGH is also rumored to have magical effects when it comes to aging. Aging occurs because of the decreased levels of HGH and some anti-aging companies have claimed that HGH has a great role in reversing the aging process.

Note: Any use of HGH should be under close surveillance of a medical person or a doctor, and any type of HGH (injectable or orally) can have positive or negative effect on you.

Why is HGH important for you?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is an essential hormone and its importance in our health is undoubtable. This crucial hormone is also known as somatotropin and even though with aging the levels of this hormone decrease, HGH deficiency can mean serious medical conditions.

HGH is known to boost our energy levels, have a positive impact on our overall metabolism, promoting proper brain function, have an important role in the DNA repair within cells, improve bone tissue as well as muscle mass.

However, as we get older, HGH isn’t released in the blood stream as it was when we were younger. In those cases, people ought to use HGH supplements in order to experience the benefits of HGH. Nevertheless, people should be aware of the fact that HGH is still a hormone and we know what happens when the hormones start kicking in.

In conclusion

Human growth hormone is truly a key hormone and the deficiency of it, can influence our overall health. However, we should never neglect the side effects and the negative effects from abusing the HGH.

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