My Personal Story – How I Successfully Lose 220 Pounds Without Dieting !

When I look back now, 13 years ago I weighed over 400 pounds and it would be safe for me to say that I have tried every possible diet there is, even worked for a couple of months with late Dr. Atkins, I have spent a ton of money and nothing helped. The famous doctor’s method, as well as many others ended up with a complete failure, even though I followed all the advises to the letter.

Using a strong willpower I would lose a few pounds, but very soon, only in a matter of days, I couldn’t take it anymore and naturally I would gain the same pounds again, many times even an extra more. At the beginning of September, 2001, I weighted 409 ponds – the ‘peak’ in my life. 

And then something happened on 9/11. I was suppose to be on UAL Flight 93 and missed it just for a split second and after everything that happened I was left with a big void in my feelings, thinking to myself: Here I am, killing myself, working a job that I hate on Wall Street, and the world is giving me another chance to live.

That was the moment when I’ve decided that I was not going to do anymore diets ever again and start learning why is my body gaining so much weight, what could be the problem? So I started to spend 12 hours each day, investigating the reasons, trying to find out everything I can about how does my body work.      

The conclusion was: If you want to lose weight, you should not just count the number of calories, but start creating the right hormonal environment that should result in loosing weight. And taking to an account that emotional stress is causing bad hormonal environment, the whole problem should start with the mind-body relationship. 

So in the following two and a half years, I’ve managed to loose 220 pounds, without practicing any type of diet and the best thing about it is that a whole decade afterwards, I still have the same body line without dieting, but eating all the things I love and want.

Here are the main factors:

1. Nourishing my body instead of dieting

In the researching process, I have learned that my body had an essential lack of certain important nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality proteins as well as fresh foods. Every time I felt like eating candy or a pizza, I would do it without hesitating. After a while, a naturally developed a dislike for junk food, as my body started adopting quality foods.

2. My digestion needed nourishment also

During the learning process, I have discovered that my body was starving for nutrients, due to disorders in my digestive system. When one has digestion problems, it is causing inflammation which is later a cause for the body to start storage fats. When I started to eat cultured and fermented foods, digestion process started to come back to normal.

3. I started treating my sleep apnea with CPAP machine

Many people with weight problems are also having sleeping apnea, which encourages the body to start gaining weight by elevating cortisol levels, which leads to uncontrolled consummation of junk food, as well as to insulin resistance. If you also suffer from sleep apnea, know that CPAP machine is the remedy for it.

Start using it and your sleeping disorders will become a thing from the past. Once you get rid of the sleeping apnea, you will start feeling much more energetic and the weight problems will start to decrease.         

4. In order to reduce the stress, I started using mind-body practices

Stress is also a huge factor that elevates cortisol and inflammatory hormones, which is causing the body for non-stop craving and massive fat storage. One of the most important things in loosing weight is to learn how to reduce the stress level – it is of out most importance. With a help of meditation, I have reduced the stress level significantly.

5. Creating a sustainable lifestyle.    

I have realized that I need to cut my expenses, so I moved into much more affordable place and started growing my own personal garden. Knowing that every time you feel hungry, you can ago in your backyard and get a fresh food is overwhelming. I slowly started to get rid of the stress hormones and felt much healthier.  

6. I’ve concentrated on certain emotional issues

You probably know well that there are some people who feel more confident with a few extra ponds in their body. I realized that I have to work on certain emotional issues to make my body feel safer. In order to resolve past traumas and make my body feel safer and stronger, I have started doing visualization practices.

I have found out that there are many people who are using their weight as an emotional protection. If you’re willing to resolve those issues, you will feel much safer without having to rely on your body fats.     

7. Body detoxification

When I got to the point when I’ve lost about 180 pounds, I’ve started researching how is our body dealing with toxic chemicals. When I’ve found out that the body is using the fat cells for storage of toxins, I started living “detoxifying lifestyle”, flushing my body with a great number of alkaline liquids, like lemon and all types of green juices, apple cider vinegar and of course implementing a lot of salads into my everyday menu.

And it turned out to be crucial, because that is how I’ve lost the last 40 pounds.      So, as a conclusion, I will tell you that the mind-body approach is the best way to reduce the stress which is one of the main factors of gaining weight.

Today I’m sharing my experience with people from more than 60 countries, teaching them how to implement this approach in their lives and get great results.