How to Manage Your Mental Health at University

Going to university can be a difficult step for a number of people. For some, it’s the first step in gaining independence as it is their first time away for their friends and family, whereas for some it is a period of feeling a little cut off for things.

University is a great place for people to make friends, but it can also be a breeding ground for a number of student mental health issues, luckily, we’ve created this guide to help you out at university to make sure that you can avoid any potential mental health issues.

Work Hard and Play Hard

Gaining a degree is obviously the main reason to go to university, however, there are a number of other things to get up to at university besides endless studying. Obviously, you don’t want your social life taking up too much of your time at university, but equally, you don’t want your uni work getting in the way of your social life, either.

For this we recommend that you work as hard as you can on your degree by setting up a revision timetable, your timetable will keep you working when you need to, but will also allow for periods of chilling. Whether that be hanging out with friends or that be just enjoying your time on the internet, maybe arguing with someone on Reddit, watching funny videos on YouTube, drinking at the pub with friends or just catching up on the latest episode of Better Call Saul, make sure that you allow for some downtime. 


Exercise is a very important part of university, many people go to university and completely forget to enjoy themselves and they forget that exercising is something that has to be done. What’s great about university, is that when you go, you receive a NUS Student Card, which will entitle you to a number of different, cool discounts.

One of which, will most likely be a discount at a local gym, with this in mind you can start to exercise more freely and without having to worry about having to pay out a huge amount to money to do so. Also, the act of exercising can really help you out because you can take your mind off of anything that’s worrying you, you can learn more about the human body and you can also meet new people, which is a great thing to be able to do!

Exercising is a great way of keeping yourself happy as you’ll feel that you’ve had a productive day, you can set yourself personal goals and you can also start to enjoy going outside more and more, too! 

Go to All the Events You Can

One of the greatest inventions in the history of university,w as that of Fresher’s Week. Fresher’s Week, introduced the idea of going out on the town, cheap alcohol and a great way to make friends.

Many of people worry about going out on the town and about meeting new people and making friends, but don’t worry, people will love you if you’re just yourself, the more you enjoy your own company and the more that you spend time with other people and just relax, the more friends you’ll make, and making friends at university is a great way of improving your mental health, enjoying university and also helping with your course.

What is really great too, is that you can meet people for your course at course-specific events, if you’re doing a History degree, maybe your class is having a History evening that will allow people to  mix and mingle with other people on the class. For this we recommend that you go along and enjoy yourself, enjoy other people’s company and enjoy meeting new people and you’ll find yourself having a much better time at university. 

Join Some Clubs and Societies

The more clubs and societies the better. It’s a great way to meet people that are passionate about the same hobbies as you and to meet people that care about the same things that you do. You can meet people who are interested in meeting people too.

As a result, you’ll find people that you share a common interest with, people that you enjoy your time with and people who you will be able to speak with about things other than your work, which is also nice, too.

The best things too, is that clubs and societies will allow you to either take up new hobbies or distract you, if you feel yourself getting a little down, remember that these are places where you can have fun!

So there you have it! A great way to enjoy university and a way to avoid some of the horrible mental health issues that can often manifest themselves when at university, ask for help if you need, read some online advice or join some clubs and societies and enjoy yourself, you’re only at university once, so make the most of it when you’re there! Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to deal with mental health issues at university.

Remember, you’re never ever alone in how you’re feeling too! There are plenty of people who will feel exactly the same way, in fact, one in four university students suffer from mental health issues, so don’t ever feel that you’re alone, be safe and good luck!

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